Spied – Check out the rear seats of the Honda Amaze

Posted on: Mar 19, 2013 - 3:13pm IST

Everyone in Honda India’s payroll have a reason to be excited as the Honda Amaze sedan is just around the corner.

Honda Amaze spied dashboardHonda Amaze spied rear seats

Come April, Honda can finally offer customers a car which burns the cheaper fuel. The Brio based sedan, as we’ve said many times earlier, is the first diesel Honda to enter India.

The Japanese automaker known for its efficient and powerful petrol engines has been suffering in the Indian market due to the utter lack of diesel models. Sales of the once popular models like City, Civic and the Accord took a nosedive just because of that reason.

Honda has pinned very high hopes on the Amaze which is touted to turnaround the company’s fortunes and place it back in the front line. The good news is, the sub-four metre sedan promises to deliver.

Honda Amaze spied front seatzsHonda Amaze spied rear bench

Team-bhp.com’s forum member who goes by the name “RavenAvi” has managed to take photographs a demo car’s interior. It is a high-end petrol variant and from what we see, the space offered for the rear passengers is impressive considering that the car measures less than four metres in length.

The sense of space is further enhanced by a dual tone beige and brown upholstery. The door trims also get beige treatment and the inside door handles are accented in silver. The dashboard is a ditto of the Honda Brio’ and the seats have integrated headrests.

The 1.2-litre 87 bhp i-VTEC petrol engine is carried over from the Brio but the action hero would be the new 1.5-litre i-DTEC Earth Dreams diesel engine which also has its output in the vicinity of 90 bhp.

Are you excited to welcome the Amaze?

[Source: Teambhp.com]

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11 thoughts on “Spied – Check out the rear seats of the Honda Amaze

  1. Pramod Jain says:

    Amaze price will decide the fortune of Honda in India. If Honda want to consider India a serious market. Then honda should price Amaze starting around Rs 4.85 lakh as Brio starts from Rs 4.10 lakh. As the price difference b/w swift & dezire is around Rs 40k. So Honda should price smartly.

  2. Ashok says:

    Never compare ford with Honda. Honda is best in interior space and they dont have humps between rear co-passengers like Ford..

    Honda guys keep their promise when it is about interior and comfort and the quality of fit and finish.

    1. Kamalg says:

      True, All products of Honda do have good interior and comfort… Personally I drive Civic which I like a lot to Drive mile on mile…

  3. MM says:

    honda amaze diesel automatic is what the nation needs at this juncture. hope honda india is listening

    1. Ameya says:

      Dude…hat’s what YOU need…not the nation! The nation needs just an affordable diesel

  4. vishal says:

    That’s a really ugly dashboard. This looks built to cost. Nothing wrong with that in the hatch segment but the notch could have gained a lot with better aesthetics. The door panels also look like a straight lift off the Brio. Let’s hope the rear legroom is better than the Brio.

  5. Yuvi says:

    Looks like its cramped rear seat and ground clearance is only 165mm…! Come on honda… No where near Swift Dzire..! Another wasted opportunity by Honda.

    Interiors are very boring compared to Swift and comparable to Cheap looking Etios.

  6. Mohammed says:

    Impressive packaging overall ! Hope the pricing is not a let down at the end.

    We were excited about the Ecosport for long till we saw the cramped interior pics, making it an impractical car for the average Indian family. So hope Honda wouldn’t let themselves down this time around.

    1. sashi says:

      How you can compare ecosport with amaze? One is small SUV and the other one is a sedan !

      eventhough ecosport looks like an upgraded version of a hatchback,still its giving a decent design in & out, where as what is there in( design wise) amaze? I guess the fluidic versions of hyundai is better than amaze in terms of design!

      you said ecosport having cramped interior! I guess both are giving almost same leg space. but ecosport is giving better ground clearence it seems.

      Come on man, average indian care about the price & mileage.since both products yet to reveal the price factor, how can you jump on conclusions that ecosport is going to be an impractical car for indians at “this” juncture?

      I dont think the pricing wont be that impressive as honda always keep the price premium!

      1. Mohammed says:

        PRICE WISE the Ecosport or the mini SUV segment can be compared to premium hatchback, sedan or even entry level real SUV’s.

        FUNCTION WISE you can only compare the mini SUV’s with Hatchbacks and Sedans because it can only do what a hatchback or sedan can do. High ground clearance doesn’t make a car an SUV and it also doesnt imply that you can take the ES out for offroading or to tackle tough jungle trails. The underlying hardware is that of a sedan or hatchback in case of a mini SUV. You just cannot compare the mini SUV with a real SUV like the Storme since its capabilities are like land and sea. Infact, Ford is playing right by calling it an urban SUV aimed to tackle the bad roads, humps and potholes in the CITY. Our sedans and hatchbacks have been doing that job comfortably for centuries on Indian roads.

        I strongly believe that the Amaze is lot more spacious than the Ecosport going by various reports, feedback from testers and real life pics. 95 % of feedback after the Delhi ES display have disappointed potential customers talking about poor legroom, cabin space and plastic quality. This where I feel the good looking Ecosport would be an impractical car considering the fact that I wouldnt want to hire a taxi to go out on long drives with my family. I can buy a spacious hatch or a spacious sedan for that money and live comfortably….

        If Ford wants to alter its space configuration before release after listening to customer feedback, it would be welcome.

    2. Yuvi says:

      Looks similar to ecosport in the photos. Dont you think that the rear seats are cramped?


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