Ford EcoSport to be displayed at Infinity Mall in Mumbai this weekend

Posted on: Mar 13, 2013 - 9:07am IST

Ford India has sent email notifications to its customers and fans who previously registered with them stating that the EcoSport would be on view at a shopping mall in Mumbai.

Ford EcoSport Mumbai Mall Activation email alert reader

Ford conducted shopping mall activations across main Indian metros when they introduced the Fiesta two years ago, subscribing to the idea that they are taking cars to where their target buyer would spend his free time at instead of expecting him to drop by at one of the dealerships.

The temporary boutique like arrangement would have not just the car, but screens and cafes where one could read, experience and discover more on the product. To get footfalls, Ford took its product to where there were plenty of feet!

Ford said the Fiesta’s target buyer ‘Ajai’, a young tech-savvy individual would spend time with friends and family on a weekend at the Select City Walk in New Delhi. Their studies showed that Ajai would frequent entertainment centers and shopping complexes in his free time.

Coming back to the Ford EcoSport, regular reader Prateek Joshi (Pj) sent us this email he received from Ford India alerting him of a Ford EcoSport to be displayed at the Infinity Mall in Mumbai between March 15-17 (Friday-Sunday). Last year Ford took the EcoSport concept car to malls in some cities shortly after its debut at the Delhi Auto Expo to show it those who missed the event.

Ford hasn’t given us a heads up on the launch of the vehicle but we sense that it is around the corner now. Ford may do similar mall activations in other metros this month.

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18 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport to be displayed at Infinity Mall in Mumbai this weekend

  1. Sahil says:

    Ford is a screwed up company they should just leave all these idiotic drama’s of showcasing their car in malls not letting the price know to buyers and launch it…. I have booked my Duster now… Ford just lost 1 unit and if I think of it they must be loosing lot of units/months… I just got a call from Ford people and they said they will be launching Ford on APRIL FOOLS DAY :p ha ha ha ha

    1. Anurag says:

      I also booked Duster…. Can’t wait for ECOSPORT…..:)

      1. Nikhil says:

        congrats… you will love the duster once you drive it….

    2. Jais says:

      I am going for Amaze….thanks Ford for not launching Eco.

      1. Yuvi says:

        Ford dealers confirmed that they will start official booking by April 4th.

        I beleive the hype was created by media not by Ford.

        Ford Ecosport has outsold Duster in brazil. Its almost 2 fold than duster.Losing some units to Duster in india is not big deal for them.

  2. Jais says:

    Wow Amaze date is announced…going for Amaze now…enough is enough…have waited for ford for 6+ months and still no sign of launch….
    Big let down by Ford for a car or so called mini Suv…looks like its going to be Ford’s NANO….

    There was so much hype for NANO and see what was the end product…really pathetic….same would be the outcome of ECO…

  3. Mohammed says:

    The Discoveries campaign was really a stupid one for me. And, the fact that, they’re going to display the vehicle at malls across India in a phased manner is stupid too. Probably, they’re buying more time to be ready and hints at the launch being some fair distance away.

    From whatever little I’ve seen or heard, the Ecosport is not really a car for India. It might well in the western markets where the rear seats are not utilized at all. Would they even dare to dream to release this cramped vehicle in China by the way? They will probably have a streched Ecosport for them…and a cramped matchbox for Indians. They should reduce the boot and increase the cabin space, especially the rear leg room to make it a practical car. Otherwise, good luck to them.

    1. Arjun says:

      Don’t talk like a fool.
      You don’t know anything.

      1. Mohammed says:

        Dude ! Don’t talk like a know all smug. Fools generally feel that they know the world and others dont. So don’t be one and get back to your senses.

  4. sandy says:

    i believe Ford is coming up with some major announcement on 15 Mar? What it could be? Guesses? – China launch (unlikely), launch date in India (unlikely), announcement of the display car (this is more likely).

    Honestly, I dont expect the launch before May/June. They are just killing time & interest. Who the hell is gonna watch their discovery campaign on National Geographic – i am guessing very limited audience. Rather just launch the vehicle and take customer feedback interview etc.

    1. Jais says:

      Have waited for 6 months…one more day to eco 🙂

  5. If they are not planning to actually launch it anytime soon, they can just give one vehicle to each museums in India

    1. Jais says:

      Let ford keeps its eco .It will be another Nano ..Nano just fizzed out of the market.

  6. Arjun says:

    It’ll be on display in Bangalore from 29th to 31st at Mantri Mall.

  7. george says:

    what is the price bai?


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