Promotional Videos of Ford EcoSport hit the web

Posted on: Mar 4, 2013 - 3:57pm IST

The Ford EcoSport is coming but sadly we don’t know when. Ford India has started promoting the car with the EcoSport Urban Discoveries contest.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

Here are a couple of promotional videos urging you to join the contest which could make you one among the 100 people to drive the EcoSport first. You could have the EcoSport with you for three weeks and you could even win it!

The videos portray some of the cool places in Delhi and Mumbai, we are sure that there would be many more such videos in the future featuring different cities. The contest gives a positive sign that the launch is not far away.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

Ford EcoSportThe EcoSport is a long overdue launch and there are many prospective customers who are eagerly waiting for the compact crossover SUV (our comment box knows better). The SUV escapes the recently hiked excise duty since it qualifies as a small car, not as an SUV, thanks to its sub 4 metre dimensions.

The car will come with both petrol and diesel options. The turbocharged direct injected 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine would be making its debut in the EcoSport.

Ford India is targeting an aggressive price point for the EcoSport which is critical for the mini SUV to succeed. The Renault Duster and the upcoming Nissan compact crossover would be the rivals.

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15 thoughts on “Promotional Videos of Ford EcoSport hit the web

  1. angelraj says:

    ford will price ecosport a premium product and never ending tests will result in customer going for another brand,they should have tried to create controversy like films than hype.

  2. Santhosh K says:

    You don’t need to make all types of vehicles to become an expert! My Fiesta gave me problems from the sixth month onwards. To validate the mileage claims, you will have to always wait till it hits the road.

  3. angelraj says:

    now ford knows they are not in higher tax bracket and price it premium surely.
    rather than numerous spy appearences they should have tried to create controversy like movies nowadays….

  4. Gojen says:


  5. panther says:

    Do this model be sold here in philippines? Thanks.

  6. Jais says:

    As per one of the dealer in Bang. they told it would be launched either in mid March or early april…if it gets delayed…then people may go for Amaze which came into picture just 8 months back and they are ready with the product and not like Ford who are still not sure ..that shud they launch or not 🙂 ha ha ha ha

    1. Yuvi says:

      Amaze is an existing product (extended version of Brio). Ford Ecosport is all new development for Ford.Thats the reason it took more time to develop.

      I got to know Ford ecosport diesel milage is approximately 22kmpl and with lot of new features. We can’t expect the same from Honda i beleive.

      Just imagine we are spending about 7-8 lacs on a car. Dont end up is choosing a wrong one.

      In my opinion Ecosport is worth to wait..!

  7. prasanna says:

    Because of too much hype, customer expectation will be more and expectation will increase further. If they still delay the launch till June, its gonna be like a utter flop movie.

  8. sandy says:

    launch i think is far away. the contest closes on 31 Mar, it runs until 30 June. sadly, I see the launch happening in jun or may be later.

    1. Mohammed says:

      May be by Diwali alongside Nissan Duster? With ever increasing fuel prices and weak buying sentiments across segments, I wonder if the Ecosport is going to a bubble which is about to burst? The Honda Amaze might pull away some decent numbers, considering the brilliant overall package it offers. And, the mileage is expected to be brillaint too, around 25. And, it’s a Honda, buy and forget ! Ford is nowhere near Honda when it comes to engineering capabilities ; the Figo went through hell of niggles for the 1st 18 months or so, which would have made a Tata or Mahindra proud.

      1. Yuvi says:

        Honda! Buy and forget..! Ha ha

        Every car will create problem if dont maintain properly.

        Honda doesn’t have diesel engine till now. With that i can conclude the engineering capabilities of Honda..!

      2. Mohammed says:

        The Toyota’s and Honda’s have been on top of the world for decades because of their brilliant, unmatched quality, reliability and efficiency. VW is getting there. Hyundai is catching up fast. GM has a different biz model to clock volumes.

        Ford has a loooong way to go. Yes, they’re shutting down plants in Europe but they’ve lost the home battleground to Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai (in US). Americans are not in awe of Ford anymore. But they admire the Japanese.

        VW has a strong foothold in Europe. Suzuki is super strong in India but no one really cares about them elsewhere.

        Don’t be blind with your passion for a particular brand. It’s your hard earned money folks, love and value that more .

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