Schaeffler unveils drivable concept car specially designed for Indian driving conditions

Posted on: Feb 26, 2013 - 9:42am IST

Schaeffler efficient future mobility India carSchaeffler, a German automotive component supplier who specializes in precision parts for engines and transmissions has unveiled a driveable concept car called the Efficient Future Mobility India Concept.

The car which is based on the Maruti Swift is optimized for Indian driving conditions and behavior using “advanced drivetrain technologies.” As a result, the company claims an increase in fuel economy of up to 10% combined with better comfort and driving experience.

All the solutions showcased in the concept are low cost and close to volume production and can be added to a hatchback to improve its performance and efficiency.

Mr. Dharmesh Arora, Managing Director and CEO of Schaeffler India said: “The Efficient Future Mobility India car is the result of Schaeffler’s intensive research and development towards optimizing drive train performance according to peculiarities of driving conditions, patterns and behavior as well as customer preferences in India. This car reflects Schaeffler’s vision for the future of drive train in emerging markets.”

Some of the components and systems used to enhance the efficiency are Start/Stop system with Electronic Clutch Management, dual Variable Cam Timing (VCT), coated tappets, smart thermo management and shift detection system.

The concept car was unveiled in Mumbai as a part of the company’s “Innovation Day” event. However there is no information about the price of the bundled technology.

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7 thoughts on “Schaeffler unveils drivable concept car specially designed for Indian driving conditions

  1. John Bull says:

    This is a another wonderful innovation from the leading bearing company and this is a prove and acknowledgement that Schaeffler has been contributing greatly to the growth and development of automobile industry. This is also a very good step by Schaeffler in an attempt to bridge the gap between demand for high performance, comfort and impressive fuel economy. I believe majority of Indians will go for this concept car than any other cars.

  2. Raul says:

    The small cars are popular in India and Schaeffler has targeted the right segment. The compact B sedan cars in India are just small cars without much of advanced features. Schaeffler has bridged the gap: the car is compact and capable for Indian roads and at the same time includes advanced technologies to curb fuel consumption and emission. Unlike many imported technologies, Schaeffler designed and built this car in India -which, in my opinion, will be better than imported technology.

    1. John Harmer says:

      with today’s fuel prices.I’ve only ever driven in India once and must admit I found it a rather scary experience until I got used to it – but I suppose it’s about the same as Paris during the rush hour!!! However I also think that Schaeffler have come up with a winner here. I see it is based on the Susuki Swift, which even in it’s early days back in the late 70’s was a nifty car. As Sean Didi said, a saving of 10% is very good – especially with today’s fuel prices.

      1. Raul says:

        Then, you would understand the Indian roads. Bigger cars are not suited for all roads, especially the narrow ones. Schaeffler built the right car for Indian condition and it has a strong selling point -fuel economy. And, it is not just a small basic car, it is a small car with many advanced technology under the hood. Schaeffler’s R&D investments in India has brought out a nice result.

    2. Sean Didi says:

      Schaeffler indeed has targeted the right market, it will be a good head start in the Asia for implementing this car where it can benefit a lot for the Indians. I believed the next country of interest will be China since China and India share similar traffic problems and conditions in the rural district, guess it wont take too much time to alter the design of the Indian version fitting into China.

  3. Sean Didi says:

    Been hearing this concept car for months now it is finally here! I honestly believed the differences in the driving conditions between India USA that make this Indian concept car unable to perform as efficient as as the one that Schaeffler shown during the North America International Auto Show last month at a rate of 15%. 10% is still an incredible number. There are 1.2 billions of people in India, one can realize how much vehicles are traveling on the roads, and how much fuel can be saved with such technology. Moreover, taking the higher fuel efficiency, alternative benefits are done indirectly for producing less pollutants harming both humans and the environment.

  4. John Harmer says:

    Anything that saves fuel has got to be a good thing, but this Schaeffler concept car, giving around 10% is excellent. I was fortunate to be able to see it at the Detroit motor show and, being from Europe myself, was impressed to see that it would allow car manufacturers to meet CAFE standards for 2020 with regard to fuel consumption and emmissions. I see also that they are working on ways to save fuel for two wheeled vehicles and commercial HGV’s. Anything that can lower transportation costs is a great step forward before we all out-price ourselves from many different markets because of expensive delivery charges.


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