Honda stops production of the Jazz to focus on Amaze

Posted on: Feb 23, 2013 - 11:30am IST

A shocking news story hit the tabloids yesterday. AutocarIndia reports that Honda has decided to cull the Jazz in India to free up production space for the upcoming Amaze.

Honda Jazz

As a direct result, Honda dealers stopped taking orders. However, Honda plans to deliver cars to all those customers who have already booked it previously.

The decision is indeed very shocking because after the price correction, the Jazz was a very competent product in its segment. In fact, it was one of the most versatile petrol hatchbacks that money could buy.

AutocarIndia reports that one of the chief reason to cull the Jazz is to make room for the Amaze diesel sedan expected to hit the stands in April.

The Amaze is just a success story waiting to happen for Honda India. Honda’s first ever diesel product is bound to turn heads in the B sedan market. Initial impressions suggest that Amaze is a stunningly good product and Honda will ensure a competitive price tag for it.

Another reason for this dramatic decision is the fact that Honda was losing money on the cut price Jazz from the day it was launched. As a result, the Japanese maker was controlling production to contain losses. But regulation in production eventually lead to a long waiting list and irate customers.

It may be gone for now but the next generation model is definitely India bound next year. More good news will follow as Honda plans to plonk the Amaze’s diesel engine in the new Jazz’s bay along with high levels of localization. Honda even plans to create a hot-hatch version of the next generation Jazz with the Honda City’s 1.5L engine under the hood. Now that’s something to wait and watch!


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6 thoughts on “Honda stops production of the Jazz to focus on Amaze

  1. Ashok says:

    By closing doors of JAZZ, Honda’s sales executives have prooved to be an immature for Indian market.If they can not sell such a versatile car in every aspect, it shows they did not educate people properly. I am willing to buy, if any one is having a fresh one in white colour.

  2. Pankaj says:

    I am a Jazz owner for a year now and am pretty happy with it. Too bad, the production has been stopped for now.

    I have driven hyundai and maruti quiet a lot and Honda’s quality simply stands out.

    At the time of purchase i20 and swift were also evaluated but although comparatively gizmo rich, they don’t really match up to Honda’s quality.

  3. Jishnu S V says:

    This in my opinion is a very bad decision. The only problem with Jazz at that price bracket was that it was not a diesel. If Honda is able to bring the Jazz with the new diesel engine it will surely be a hit. Its sad to see such a good car die.

    1. Ramesh says:

      If they bring in the diesel, they will have to price it higher. Again there will be resistance from the buyers. Last 6 month’s (From Aug 12 to Jan 13) sales nos for Jazz are – 465, 556, 306, 186, 365 and 61. Way too low for a B segment car to justify production.

      1. Mandeep says:

        For the Jazz sales figures Honda itself is responsible. I have been visiting many show rooms from more than 6 months,to get a test drive and than book it. The dealership were reluctant to even show the vehicle and always were ready with discouraging statement like, “after booking car can be delivered after 6 month!!”. Unofficially they have closed the Jazz long ago and officially they are disclosing now. This is MOST disappointing !! The Jazz is such a wonderful product and if Honda is going to bring it back, they should consider 1.5 Ltr engine with automatic transmission !!

  4. Ramesh says:

    Good move by Honda. Even though the Jazz is an excellent product, somehow it has not clicked with the Indian buyers. So they are focussing on products which will bring in the numbers for them. If they get the initial pricing right, the Amaze will be a winner for Honda.


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