Image Update: Report – Chevrolet Sail launched at Rs. 4.99 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013 - 12:56pm IST

After covering a claimed 6.3 million km of testing and falling prey to many readers’ lenses, the Chevrolet Sail notchback is officially here!

Chevrolet Sail sedan launch mumbaiChevrolet Sail sedan launch Delhi

GM India, today has launched the Chevrolet Sail notchback in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore simultaneously. We are covering the event from both Delhi and Mumbai.

chevrolet sail sedan front chevrolet sail sedan front left quarter

The sedan is touted to be a very important launch for GM India since it has been vested with a challenging responsibility of replacing two models that belong to different segments. We are talking about the departed Chevy Aveo and the Optra Magnum.

chevrolet sail sedan profilechevrolet sail sedan rear right quarters

The Sail sedan, which is the first launch of GM India this year enters the B-Segment which witnesses sales of around 40,000 sedans every month in India. The sedan is available in 7 exterior color options – Velvet Red, Switchblade Silver, Summit White, Caviar Black, Linen Beige, Sandrift Grey and Misty Lake.

chevrolet sail sedan dashboardchevrolet sail sedan engine bay

Features of Chevrolet Sail sedan

  • 1.3 litre SDE SMARTECH diesel engine which puts out 78 PS/205 Nm and has a fuel economy of 22.1 kmpl
  • 1.2 litre SMARTECH petrol motor generates 86 PS/113 Nm and has a fuel economy of 18.2 kmpl
  • The 1.3 litre SDE engine is mated to 5 speed F17 transmission. The engine and transmission were worked upon by GM’s Bengaluru Technical Center to make it suitable for India
  • Engine immobilizer, central locking, speed sensitive automatic door lock and remote key less entry
  • Music system with Bluetooth capability which can pair five devices
  • Dual airbags and ABS with EBD
  • Measures 4.2m in length, 1.69m in width, 1.5m in height, 2.46m in wheelbase
  • The ground clearance stands at 168mm for diesel and 174mm for petrol
  • Boot space of 370 litres

Chevrolet Sail sedan Variants and Prices (ex-showroom Delhi introductory prices)


Base variant – Rs. 4.99 lakhs

LS – Rs. 5.49 lakhs

LS ABS – Rs. 5.70 lakhs

LT ABS – Rs. 6.41 lakhs


Base variant – Rs. 6.29 lakhs

LS – Rs. 6.59 lakhs

LS ABS – Rs. 6.80 lakhs

LT ABS – Rs. 7.51 lakhs

The Chevrolet Sail comes with a 3 year/ 1,00,000 km standard warranty. The engine and transmission get a 5 year / 1,50,000 km warranty. The Chevrolet Promise which takes care of the maintenance cost for 3 years / 45,000 km is also on offer and is expected to be one of the strengths of the sedan.

The Chevrolet Sail sedan is the most exported sedan from China but will it replicate its success in India too? Considering that the Sail U-VA hatchback, in its initial months has managed to clock only about 10% of Maruti Swift’s sales numbers, the Sail notchback has even more weight to bare on its shoulders.

Chevrolet Sail sedan image gallery

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15 thoughts on “Image Update: Report – Chevrolet Sail launched at Rs. 4.99 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)

  1. Suresh says:

    The outer look of Sail is very good compared to Swift and Toyota and even Amaze. Interior is not that impressive. Price is reasonable. Boot space is enough. Ground clearance is more compared to others in the same sector. I don’t think we need lot of power. Safety should be the first preference which off-course is taken care in sail.

  2. Vilas Paswan says:

    Sail has low quality interiors compared to its competitors and fuel tank under front seat so passengers get the fuel smell like a bad breath – Poor spec Sail engines are getting respect due to GM sponsor an alien India origin engine with no experience for designing its own small diesel engine.

    So experienced knowledgeable customers like me went to other car companies models which give more respect for these customers experience and talent.

    To earn respect treat all people equally with respect.
    As you sow, so shall you reap…

  3. Bhatia says:

    When Honda they develop new 1.5L engine for Amaze which smaller than Sailboat then GM India why lazy to use 1.3L engine for this car and give less power to Indians?

    Cheating the peoples with a 1248 cc diesel boat engine which 59cc more than 1189 petrol and costing .13 millions rupees more. Even the crap TVS 50 moped dont the charge 1.3 lakhs for 59 cc more.

    Kya bakwas hai yeh generally motoring boat.

    1. Sushrut says:

      Bhatia sahaab, look around and you will see the same engine in all diesel hatchbacks (TATA, FIAT & Maruti) in India. And the same price difference in all models between petrol and diesel. So GM is not doing anything different. And Honda engine although 1.5 ltrs will have around same power rating as 1.3 mjd.

      1. Harpreet says:

        When diesel petrol price differential was bigger not long ago car majors could get away with premium for diesel.

        Not any more since smaller petrols are getting more fuel efficient and diesel cost expected to increase further…

        If the likes of GM dont change this habit, then customers will choose wisely and different as there are more new vehicles in the market now.

  4. vishal says:

    I suppose the above pictures have not all been taken at the press launch today where the prices were announced. The red color car is the final one. The silver car is probably from an older event and has some poor quality accessories such as the faux wood stickers on the dashboard. The actual car will not have that – thank heavens.

    1. These are a combination of Mumbai and Delhi which happened simultaneously

  5. In all launches, automakers show top end model and announce price for bottom end variant.. Why can’t the headline say Sail Sedan priced up to 7.51 lakhs ex showroom

  6. balaji says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, Why is that this is called as notch-back? Eager to know the reasons.

    1. Nithyanandh K says:

      Hi Balaji! A notchback is nothing but a sedan with a short rear overhang.

      1. KP Singh says:

        Wheels are small for the Sail dimensions – One size bigger would look proportion with better GC

    2. Harpreet says:

      How does GM India explain 1.3lakh premium for diesel base variant over petrol when diesel is expected to cost as much as petrol after the price decontrol?

      1. vishal says:

        The 1.3 diesel engine is the same engine that does duty on the Maruti Swift. I guess since this is India’s favorite engine it allows Chevrolet to charge a premium for it. You hit the nail bang on the head when you said the proposed change in fuel prices will make this large price difference of these engines difficult to explain/justify. But the car maker always has the option to take price corrections when that happens. If you price products in anticipation of proposed changes in regulations or supply prices etc. you will never build a roadworthy business case – especially in India where automakers are at the mercy of unstable market forces and unpredictable government interference in regulations, duties and other factors that impact vehicle pricing and infrastructure investments. For now, my advice is, if you do less than 40kms per day – go buy petrol. Almost all car makers offer heavy discounts on petrol variants while the masses clamor for a diesel. These discounts – you have already recognized this – may be short lived owing to impending increase in diesel prices. So hedge your risk and go buy a petrol. Also don’t forget the opportunity cost of the 1.3 lakh extra that you could have invested elsewhere to earn interest but spent on a noisy and viby diesel engine instead and paid interest on the loan as well.

      2. Harlem says:

        They could make the best offer at premium price.

  7. Sachin says:

    Very impressive pricing!


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