A little over two years into its introduction in India, sales numbers have been middling for the conservative Toyota Etios twins. The Liva, smack in the middle of the Indian auto market’s core segment, did not manage to cross 2,500 units on any month in the second half of last year, while the Etios’s sales evolution in 2012 was a downhill ride, but for a few blips.

Toyota Etios Cross Brazil renderingToyota Etios India sedan

As the drawbacks or qualms on these two models are being addressed by Toyota in installments, one should also note that 2012 wasn’t the best year for the auto industry.

As manufacturers have shown traditionally, cranking up the numbers is possible in two ways (besides price revisions) –

1) Facelift operation

2) New variants

Reports appearing on the internet from credible sources point to a 2013 launch for the Etios refresh. If the past refreshes on the Innova and Fortuner are anything to go by, expect cosmetic changes constituted by new lights, grille, hood, bumpers and wheels.

But what about the second case? The two ‘in things’ for manufacturers attempting to instill cheer into their low cost cars are bringing out a compact version to be able to increase the affordability, or to add a rough road package, lending a faux off-road look to the otherwise humble hatchback.

We wrote to Toyota Kirloskar Motor soliciting a reply, and here’s how the public relations manager responded –

We are not planning to introduce Etios in sub-4 meter category and our current efforts are being made to further strengthen the success of existing Etios. Similarly, for Liva, we do not have any plan to introduce a Cross over variant of the same.

Toyota was rumored to be developing a ‘Cross Etios’ version for the Brazilian market to take on the newly launched Hyundai HB20X and Honda Fit Twist variants. However Toyota doesn’t seem to be interested in exploring variants on the Etios for India as of now.

[Image: Caranddriverbrasil.uol.com.br (Cross-Liva rendering)]

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  • Shanks

    Toyota should *NOT* go for any new variant. Just concentrate on the existing Etios models and improve them beyond Q Class (as its existing) Quality norm. Certain Important aspects they need to concentrate on –
    1. Incabin noise level reducion
    2. Improve the Horn
    3. Dashboard design

    These they *MUST* give these as *Improvement Kit* to existing owners as well, may at reasonable additional cost.


  • http://www.microrao.com Sridhar

    They still don’t know how to feel the pulse of the nation. Never mind the lack of interest in compact sedan or a cross-over, the least they can do is to give both of them a proper facelift. First of all, they have to get rid of the ugly grille, redesign the front and rear fascia, a crease line in the side and spruce up the interiors. And yes, rubber beading in the doors.

  • Vivek

    Toyota Engines may be among the pick of the lots, but the interiors are poor. They looked like 100 years old to me.. I believe, these Twins did not even have a bit of success in Brazil market too. Frankly, never expected such a poorly interior designed car.. Toyota.. please read the market requirements clearly.. The Indian market is no longer a accept-anything kind. It has matured a lot..

  • sandy

    Ohh… Dear! They still want us to take this bitter pill. Even if they add honey or sugar i.e. sub-4 meter Etios or Cross Etios, it will still be bitter.