Tata promises to show something interesting at Geneva Motor Show

Posted on: Jan 28, 2013 - 1:38pm IST

Tata Megapixel ConceptGeneva Motor Show has always been high on Tata Motors’ priority and the Indian automaker always prefers Geneva to debut its interesting concepts.

Tata has showcased their previous concepts like Xover, Elegante, Prima, Pixel and MegaPixel first at the Geneva Motor Show. So its only natural for us to safely expect Tata to come up with something interesting this year too.

Mr. Ranjit Yadav, President of Tata Motor’s Passenger car business unit confirmed to Indian Autos Blog that Tata will indeed have something interesting for the Geneva Show goers. However, Mr. Yadav did not concede any further details about it.

With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, (first week of March), Tata would be working in full swing to get their exhibit ready. Will it be another concept that previews the next gen Nano? Or will it be a concept that paves way for next gen Indica? Or is going to be the compact crossover concept? Well, it remains to be seen but we will get back to you as soon as we know something.

Tata Motors is in a dire need of radically new products and whatever they debut at Geneva Motor Show this year could be very important for the company.

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12 thoughts on “Tata promises to show something interesting at Geneva Motor Show

  1. Hedron says:

    Shift workers at car plants sweat a lot. But cars sweat and discharge their toxins through exhaust gases though in the winter rarely one could see water dripping from the pipe.

  2. Barracuda says:

    Tata may need to eat into the profits of JLR to finance and manufacture for the market, its interesting Auto show concepts …

  3. Rahul says:

    It must be the compressed air powered car!

    1. H3O says:

      CNG power vehicles already running in India…

      1. Shah says:

        Just compressed air will move nothing. It has to be compressed combustible gas CNG/LPG/LNG autogas or flexfuel which is always more efficient than a diesel.

  4. Pakaya says:

    Tata should improve their dated designs without going for one time designs for auto shows.

    I mean look at the indica Vista- looks like a 1989 daihatsu charade- what a farce

    1. H2S says:

      When the gas turbine is all charged up,
      the car and its passengers will be gone with the wind!

    2. Sankar says:

      Tata should invest in cheap robots to improve quality and iincrease output of vehicles in sweaty assembly lines.

      Robots though dull can be trained to produce large work volumes without errors or smelly sweat unlike humans.

      But unfortunately cars mass produced by robots cannot match the high quality of hand built cars of the likes of RR, Lambo, Bugatii…

      1. Naidu says:

        Talented engineers belong to reputed luxury auto marques like the Germans and Japanese.

        Robotic automated assembly lines do benefits Tata to mass produce cheap cars with improve quality just a bit to get from A to B (cattle class is ok)without a sweat or stalling.

    3. Sameer says:

      If Tata had used modern robots on shop floor and given unqualified people the unskilled work they would have sold more quality vehicles and had their own profits to fund JLR and not beg lenders for finance.

      1. Lobo says:

        They took a decade and a half to diversify and grow into India’s largest business house but they neglected TML product modernisation and could only manage cosmetic upgrade to their flagship Safari during this time allowing M&M to dominate the SUV market.

        Pathetic state of affairs and people management losing professional staff to MNCs.

      2. Manoj says:

        As in MNC staff should use non-obligatory simulators to get self-trained themselves.

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