Spied – Mahindra Verito CS has an interesting hatch

Posted on: Jan 19, 2013 - 6:45pm IST

It’s that time of a new car’s testing period where we get to see a different set of spyshots on a daily basis.

Mahindra Verito CS rear three quartersMahindra Verito CS side view

The car in question is the Mahindra Verito CS (yes, we’re still calling it that). And today’s quota of the spy shots come from Team BHP member ‘Crazy Driver’.

These pictures only confirm what we’ve been speculating the Verito CS to be – A notchback.

However, the both photos do reveal the side profile of the car very clearly. It seems as though Mahindra has just about managed to keep the proportions under 4m in length. Another interesting thing can be seen in the rear tail-lights, the entire light assembly seems to be a few inches taller than the glass of the car. Thus, when the entire hatch opens up, it could resemble something like say the Tata Indica.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

Another interesting feature on this test mule is the alloy wheel design. It seems to be a 10-spoke alloy wheel and it would be interesting to see if Mahindra offers a similar design on the car when it is launched.

Brushing up our Mahindra Verito CS coverage

  • The car should come with the same 1.5-liter diesel engine as found on the full-fledged sedan. A petrol option would be unlikely as Mahindra do not have a small sub-1.2-liter petrol motor in their portfolio.
  • A suffix would be introduced to the Verito name to differentiate it from the sedan.
  • And finally, Dr. Pawan Goenka told us that the launch could be sometime by the end of March.
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4 thoughts on “Spied – Mahindra Verito CS has an interesting hatch

  1. pravin says:

    rear window & teal lamp design is not good.this is like made by some local workshope.

  2. Deepak says:


    it is just a general suggestion, i thought about it after seeing your description about the TATA indica XL, why don’t we describe cars based on the interior space description like they do in the global market by many standard narrators, i think this will give you a common platform to compare cars in fair way, rather just comparing them by price tags. since a car is available in better price than an equivalent expensive version doesn’t mean that the less price car is a cheap car. And i think since we are following the distance calculations and emission regulations in European system it will be easier if you describe the cars in European classification format like A, B, C, D, E, and F segments.
    According to the European classification system TATA indica will be a B-Segment car and this will give you grounds to compare it with VW Polo, the price difference between them for similar versions will more than twice, but for that what do we get??? this might be good place to talk and this will also attract more attention in public. this will also improve your image think about it. And if they extend the indica will it go into the next level C-segment in that case Tata will be the one and only one to sell a C-segment hatchback in India. Even right now they say that the TATA manza is a c segment saloon then when you compare it with a equivalent c segment saloon say VW Jetta then it is almost half the price again, so you can talk about that. So please don’t comment about a design with numbers, compare them in a common platform so that the right image of the car can be found.

    Think about it please send me reply about your opinion as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,
    Deepak Prabhahar.

  3. pk says:

    saw this car during testing…One of the ugliest hatchback you can see in indian road…

    1. Mohammed says:

      Well, can’t agree more. The last 2 products from M&M namely-Quanto & the Verito CS will successfully compete for the worst ever manufactured cars in India award.

      Mahindra’s engineering capabalities were always bad, now the design elements sucks too. Chop and change and do quick fixes and add the prefix SUV to every car which’s made and invest in auto journalists and marketing liars to take the game forward. What a strategy !

      Quanto, Rexton, E2O and the Verito CS would all be declared as FAILURES by the end of 2013.


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