Rendering – How do you like the looks of Mahindra Verito compact?

Posted on: Jan 28, 2013 - 11:33am IST

Mahindra Verito hatch CSA hatchback giving rise to an instant sedan is something which is prevalent in Indian auto industry. There are number of examples for the trend but Mahindra has done the opposite by taking a sedan and chopping off its boot entirely to make an instant hatchback.

The objective, as we know is to get the product’s length under the crucial sub four metre mark which would translate into huge savings in terms of excise duty. Maruti retained the distinctness of the third box while condensing their Swift Dzire whereas with the sub four metre Verito, Mahindra rather did a hatchback than a compact sedan.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, President of Mahindra’s automotive sector has told Indian Autos Blog that the sub four metre car will carry the Verito nameplate with a suffix. He also told us that the Verito compact will be ready by the end of March.

Here is the rendering of the car by our in-house specialist Shoeb, based on the spyshots. As we said, its more of an hatchback with a subtlest hint of its sedan roots. The tail lamp clusters which are located in the C-pillars are embossed and extend a little to the sides as well.

The roof has plastic rails that extend all the way to tail lamps in an attempt to get some visual bling. The rear door’s window silhouette has a plastic insert to avoid an eyesore.

The car will employ the 1.5 litre K9k diesel engine as its sedan sibling and a petrol option is highly unlikely. With the sub four metre Verito, Mahindra is aiming to lock horns with premium hatchbacks rather than the sub four meter sedans like the Swift Dzire and the upcoming Honda Brio Amaze.

If you are a premium hatchback buyer, will you consider Verito compact over Maruti Swift for that extra bit of rear legroom and luggage space?

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9 thoughts on “Rendering – How do you like the looks of Mahindra Verito compact?

  1. shavad says:

    so so plz it would be sporty

  2. Sridhar says:

    Transforming an ugly sedan into a beautiful hatch will be a big task for the M&M. Any day, I would prefer a long hatch over a shortened sedan (CS). It’s C-pillar is a big eye-sore, I wish they narrowed it down. Good rendering though, let’s see what they eventually will come up with. They don’t seem to have a good petrol motor that can help them take advantage of the excise benefit owing to its length…pity!!

  3. sri says:

    Nothing it can bring !! mahindra is now going down and tata is now coming up 🙂 simple just old Xuv 500 is now with Mahindra but Storme, VistaD90 are the latest new hot blasters from Tata !!

    1. Rajeev says:

      ha ha.. 😀 so u dare to compare XUV 500 with strome…lol man…..just wait and see how many numbers tata will manage to sell strome….the old wine in not so new bottle… :D…where as there is still long waiting period for xuv…..
      And wonder wat is D 90 going to do in the midst of swift,polo,figo,and i 20… 😀
      Get ur fact rights dear…. 😀

      1. Karan Arjun says:

        People who have bought the XUV are regretting now due to the electrical and mechanical problems they have to face every day, have you ever driven or sat in the Safari? Go get your own fact clear

  4. Sunaina says:

    M&M atleast keep this away from fleet operators

  5. Sunaina says:

    Looks like boxy punto ……… rofl

  6. Bumdada says:

    Nice render… giving better appeal than the spy shots.. thought the car wont be a hot cake in the market.. lets see what magic it can bring….


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