Ford EcoSport with a 1.0L EcoBoost engine spotted near Coimbatore

Posted on: Jan 15, 2013 - 12:43pm IST

Your daily dosage of EcoSport spyshots today includes an orange colored EcoSport with the award wining 1.0L EcoBoost engine.

Ford-EcoSport-Spyshots combatoreFord-EcoSport-Spyshots-rear

Our avid fan Satish from Coimbatore sends us an exquisite set of images of a Ford EcoSport caught testing in Annur, near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

If you see the badge carefully, it says ‘EcoBoost’ on the right hand side. This is very important because for the first time the Indian masses will see a fully grown SUV powered by a diminutive 1000 cc engine. Yes, a microscopic 1L petrol engine will power the Ford EcoSport in India.

But it is not just any engine. This tiny warrior has won the ultimate accolade of the ‘Engine of the Year‘ for 2012, set 16 world records and arrived at auto show venues inside a suitcase.

Recent rumors suggest that the EcoBoost engine has undergone ARAI testing in India. Even with a high power output of 123 hp, the EcoBoost managed to get 17 kmpl in ARAI tests.

Sadly, there is a very good chance that this feat of engineering and technology will be overshadowed by the 1.5 diesel counterpart from the Fiesta. Most sales are expected to come from the diesel model.

Perhaps, the 1.0L Ford EcoSport will be marketed as a halo car for the EcoSport brand. We could see only 1 top-of-the-line variant with the 1.0L EcoBoost mated to a 6-speed, dual-clutch, ‘PowerShift’ gearbox.

Come on Ford India, it’s about time now!


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11 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport with a 1.0L EcoBoost engine spotted near Coimbatore

  1. Pourus says:

    I am actually getting frustrated with the waiting game ford has been playing … and while i am all set for the car i would be really disappointed if they dont come out with the auto box… have a mind of writing in to ford asking them for a tentative launch date.. or else i think i might just end up buying something else…

    1. pk says:

      i hope there wont be a auto variant as of now…may lauch later like All new fiesta….

  2. madhav says:

    this is one of the Voice Of Customer Fleet VOCF vehicles which collects driver feedback

  3. Ramish says:

    FORD, Launch ecosport ASAP. Else it will grow old even before the launch.

  4. Jais says:

    But a august launch will take all the benefits away from Ford as Maruti is coming with Alpha in Oct….enjoy ford in spyshots only…:)

  5. amby says:

    definitely the 1.5Ltr diesel. not aware of the exice & taxation structure but there will be definitely more orders for the tried and tested diesel engine rather than the ecoboost. i expect a price difference of 1 lac between the two just because of the diesel rate difference and the diesel sucess story in India

    1. sri says:

      fords life is over its petrol engine and not diesel because we are aware that diesel tax will be implemented in any time within 4-6 months so the shift would be again towards petrol and hence these automakers will enjoy equal benefits selling their cars , Guys no more discounts and benefits over Petrol Cars as they will share 50% in the market and rest 50% of diesel

  6. Shashank says:

    Hi, which one do you guys think will be costlier among 1 L Eco Boost and Diesel?

    1. Tricky question – the more expensive engine qualifies for excise benefit, the locally manufactured engine doesn’t. My guess is the Ecoboost will be more expensive.

      1. sri says:

        No the answer would be Ecoboost and the 1.5 ltr diesel would cost the same only the cost difference can be observed between the 1.5 petrol and the 1.5 diesel which is for sure and ecoboost might not carry the autobox and it is 1.5L petrol !!

  7. Hitin Suri says:

    Are you sure that AT is coming with 1L ecoboost ?


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