B2B – When will you let go of your manual transmission car?

Posted on: Jan 4, 2013 - 5:25pm IST

Note – The references made to the drawbacks of an automatic transmission are from an average Indian car’s perspective. Please think of i10, A-Star and cars from the affordable or popular segments when viewing this video.

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Automatic transmissions don’t just negate the clutch and the gear, but try hard to keep tension and high blood pressure at bay while we fight for road space in city traffic everyday from home to work.

Automatic transmissions are almost the norm in developed countries, the manual transmission is heading towards extinction in some markets, but that market isn’t India anytime in the near future.

With the slew of AT launches in India (please include the Maruti Dzire AT that I missed mentioning in the video), will the scenario change?

So the question is, why aren’t you driving an automatic transmission car?

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15 thoughts on “B2B – When will you let go of your manual transmission car?

  1. Karuppaswamy.R says:

    I don’t think that AT sales will accelarate in India except the economically previlaged section.Reliable sources say that Disel AT has some technical issues yet to be sorted out.The govenment is about to cut the Diesel subsidy in phases,which otherwise, it claim,will stagnate the developmental works.Average Indian commuter has to down his tranmission. Hope, AT won’t help.May it be distant target for India.

  2. Automatic Transmissions in India never sold in good numbers.Main reason why people doesnt Look at AT is because of the high price and low fuel efficiency.Iam sure if they launch a Automatic hatch at a good price.Then definitely more people will buy it.Diesel automatics may come in future.And hence we could see some growth in this segment

  3. sandy says:

    AT, but only if its punchy n efficient. In yesteryear, no one had ever thought of diesel car till Ford came up with petrol like punchy refined diesel engine called Duratorque in their Fiesta(Classic) employing CRDI technology from Bosch. It was low in maintenance n high on power n efficiency which won many hearts. So this time, its once again Ford that came up with low maintenance yet no compromise on power and efficiency with their new AT in new Fiesta. Then their is VW with dual-clutch AT which is also low maintenance n efficient technology.

    1. jazzyjig says:

      hey! Shravan i am waiting for EcoSport, as thousand’s of others. but i am in great dillema to go for MT or AT plz guid us. You can take new fiesta AT for refrence as it has same technology. Any reader who got knowledge of fiesta AT(as mileage, maintenence, handling, etc.) can share with us.

  4. Jishnu S V says:

    AT are more convenient than MT any day in India. But the only problem Indian consumers face is the lack of automatic diesels below 16 Lakhs. The only automatic present is the Verna AT with a very old and not exciting 4 – speed AT. AT actually saves you money when you compare the wear and tear in MT clutch which costs a lot to replace. The AT in Fiesta is so good that it doesn’t need maintenance for if am right 1,00,000km. Sadly its only available in the Petrol model. Eventually AT will eclipse MT in sales, may happen in the near future.

  5. vivek james says:

    For a hazel free city ride an AT is a boon . when its come to driving in our crowded Indian cities this is the variant our Indian customers should have opted for . But we didn’t b’coz the manufacturers charge a premium for AT variant. the AT consumes more fuel than the MT variant. the manufacturers project the AT variant as a luxury variant rather than a utility variant. Can the manufacturers make a car without gearbox? so y should they project AT superior to MT. the car needs gear box whether its AT or MT it should be treated the same. that means , it should be priced the same so that the Indian customer will choose according to his need. Let the customers choose what we want not the manufactures !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rahul says:

    Frankly speaking, I have not driven any AT car.

    I heard AT versions compromise with mileage, also they are costly to buy as well as to maintain. I read many times that AT version lowers car’s performance.

    These might be the reasons people prefer manual transmission over AT. But, now a days we see a lot of i10(s) and Verna(s) with Automatic badge.

    But, I would love to see Nano automatic and would like to buy one for my parents.

  7. Rajnish says:

    I am driving one! I am very happy with my i10 automatic which has decent space and it is a good car for city driving conditions. However, I would have certainly loved a 5 speed transmission (like Brio-AT) and would have enjoyed another 100 mm of bench space at the back. (Leg space is just fine)
    Fuel effeciency: 10 KM/L in the city and 15 KM/L on highways (@ ~90 km/hr)

  8. Joe Xavier says:

    True an AT restricts the mileage a little bit and Indians dont have it. I would say anyone who has driven an AT will always want to drive one in spite of a drop in the mileage of something like 1 to 1.5 km.
    Automatics have been around since 1950’s and in fact 95% of cars in the US are AT. Majority of cars in the GCC are ATs.The media in India sometimes mock at AT and this may be the main reason its not popular in our country. If somer of these so called experts are able to say the real experience if AT in real world driving I am sure they will support and encourage ATs so the manufacturers will certainly invent one for small diesel engines like our Vista, etios, micra et.. Now I got to be contented with a petrol AT.


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