B2B – Is the future securer for Maruti Suzuki the XA Alpha or the next gen SX4?

Posted on: Jan 18, 2013 - 8:32pm IST

Customer graduation to higher segments may soon open up bigger volumes and profits in the 8-12 lakh rupee price band (roughly C Segment).

The Maruti Swift customer may not find an interesting product in the dealership he bought his car from when he is turning it in for a replacement, which should be a worry for the Indian auto market kingpin.

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Given this situation, is the future securer of Maruti the next gen SX4 or the XA Alpha?

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7 thoughts on “B2B – Is the future securer for Maruti Suzuki the XA Alpha or the next gen SX4?

  1. XK says:

    XA Alpha is still under development by MS to fill in the gap between the Jimny and Grand Vitara. A concept takes at least 2-3 years to go into mass production.

    Since its existing plants are busy catering to the current demand and backlog, MS has to get the Gujarat plant up and running to introduce and manufacture any new product concepts like XA Alpha…

    How fast this is done done will depend on how the Ecosport fares and the plans of others in India like VW,GM for a mini SUV.

  2. shobit says:

    why is every auto news so hopelessly unreliable?
    XA-alpha? shown as a concept in 2012…has anyone ever spotted any testing mule?? even a single shot of such a vehicle?
    Mind you Maruti is so crap at hiding its test vehicles, you get to see them completely uncovered that too at their own manufacturing plant lol.
    There is no XA alpha , it was just a show car….its atleast 2 years away from being launched. Inside news say that such a project has yet to start as they are still conducting research studies.
    Remember….no test mules spotted or any info from the company itself yet! Hogwash

    1. Hi Shobit, this is not news. If you read the title, we’ve said “future”..we have not seen the sedan version of the SX4 testing either, we haven’t even seen a concept there. The thing is moving forward, which is the car that can secure Maruti’s future in the C Segment. This is a video question.

      1. Vishnu says:

        Do know when the Suzuki Solio is launched?

  3. Gautham says:

    Not the SX4 for sure.The XA alpha maybe, if and only it is better than the present duster and upcoming ecosport,and also the top-end varient stays close to 12 lac and not more.

  4. sandy says:

    XA-Alpha or new SX4! Hmmm…
    Actually we still don’t know how these two would look like or what kind of credentials they may carry in the real world. So let me consider new SX4 is a hatch, is little smaller then Audi Q3 with 200mm ground clearance and variety of engine options like K14, K16(if they ever come out with newer 1.6) for petrol and 1.3 and 1.6 MJD for diesel, with better ride, handling and built quality then Swift or say nearing Kizashi, then it can be a better option for Swift owners to upgrade.
    And if I consider XA-Alpha to be as good as EcoSports but with offroading pedigree of Gypsy, of-course with diesel option; then many would get inclined to this product.
    So basing on the above outlines, both can secure MS position especially the XA-Alpha since its the cheaper one. But there could be a problem between Swift and XA-Alpha like there is a problem between Swift and Ritz.

  5. madhav says:

    forgot kisashi??? Pricing from Maruti matters.


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