Render – The 2014 BMW M3 drops the V6 in favour of a straight-six!

Posted on: Jan 23, 2013 - 9:50am IST

What is the world’s best performance sedan? Apart from the BMW M5 that is.

Car Magazine issue cover with the 2014 BMW M3 on itCar Magazine 2014 BMW M3 feature story

The BMW M3.

In fact, a lot of thrill-seekers buy the M3 instead of the M5 for a very simple reason: The M3 is smaller than the M5. And cheaper. In the world of performance sedans, smaller is better, and cheaper is just the added icing on the cake. So you can imagine how much is expected from the new M3, which should show its face (and engine) by the end of this year.

Thanks to the folks at CAR UK however, we can have a pretty good look at the 2014 BMW M3 right now. CAR claims that these design’s were ‘smuggled’ out of Munich, for your and my benefit.

At first glance, the new M3 looks something like what we’ve been expecting: Huge air intakes in the front bumper, subtle ‘M’ badges in the grille and the fender, boot-lip spoiler finished with quad-exhaust pipes at the rear. Save for the yellow color and the black (they are CFRP – carbon fiber reinforced plastic) roof, the new M3 looks like what BMW usually does with their performance sedans.

Also, it is rumored that the new M3 will be a 4-door sedan only. If you fancy a M coupe, you’ll have to wait for the M4.

Now for the engine that could power the 2014 BMW M3. CAR UK reports that the BMW engineers have ditched a V6 for a more exciting straight-six. While the engine specifications are unknown, the power output is speculated to be 444bhp. Combine that with a 6-speed manual (or a M-DCT automatic) and a new differential rear axle and you can imagine the pace the M3 will set.

Thanks to the CFRP roof, the 2014 BMW M3 promises to remain under 1500 kg in weight. To put that in perspective, a BMW 335i (sold abroad) weighs 1595 kg and the M3’s direct rival, the C63 AMG comes at a ‘heavy’ 1600 kg.

BMW are expected to show a concept M3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Once that happens, expect the production ready version to hit the European streets by 2014. And needless to say, the 2014 BMW M3 is coming to India as well.

[Source – CAR UK]

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3 thoughts on “Render – The 2014 BMW M3 drops the V6 in favour of a straight-six!

  1. Anjan Ravi says:

    Believe there is some explanation from my side.
    For the current M5, BMW retained the engine layout of a V, but went down two cylinders with the addition of a turbo. The current M3’s engine is based on the previous M5’s V10. So it was only natural for us to think that the new M3 would feature a downsized engine based on the current M5 i.e a turbo V6. However according to CARs report, it seems to be a straight six.
    We expect the new M3 to be shown at geneva considering that the previous M3 was shown there as well.

  2. S Pani says:

    The M3 in its close to 3 decade life never ever had a V6.

    Also a straight-6 is the more traditional M3 engine. It was only the prev gen ie E90 M3 that went in for a 4L V8 rather than a straight 6. Previous M3s had 3.2L straight-6 engines.

    So its more like a return to the straight-6, though most likely turbo charged this time.

    1. Don says:

      Take in to account that the original M3 (e30) was an inline 4 and was also very successful. The inline 6 is more traditional to everything by BMW. They have never used a v6 in any of there series.


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