B2B – Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Sail U-VA – Why have they started so poorly?

Posted on: Dec 27, 2012 - 6:29pm IST

The festival season is the time of the year where manufacturers view the positive customer sentiment as a chance to launch new products.

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During this year’s festival season, we’ve had plenty of new launches. While the overall market environment is challenging, there were two launches that stood above the rest – the Mahindra Quanto and the Maruti Alto 800. Maruti managed over 60,000 bookings for the Alto 800 and has already converted a large portion of that into sales. The Quanto’s future may be very insecure with the rush of mini SUVs lining up to take a shot at the Indian market in the coming years, but the journey has begun well, with over 12,000 bookings registered.

The two launches we thought would change the landscape, have started very slowly. While the Sail U-VA managed to clock only about 2,000 odd units since the launch, less than 500 Evalias have been put on Indian roads.

Nissan Evalia launchChevrolet Sail U-VA head-on

While we’d be stupid to call them failures (they are newborns and these early numbers may not mean anything), we ask if you see any commonalities in these two products that have influenced the reaction of the Indian car buyers?

Has India ignored their plain jane design, simple interior or the lack of novelty or newness?

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22 thoughts on “B2B – Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Sail U-VA – Why have they started so poorly?

  1. Indian customers want new products.Both evalia and sail UVA is old products.Then the styling is so bad.Both interior and exterior.Toyota learned this lesson very badly from Etios twins.Evalia priced well.But Sail UVA so expensive for such a outdated product.Not good at all.Both Nissan and chevrolet must look for some better products

  2. faisal says:

    Very valid argument there Shrawan. Love the B2B. I feel the Chinese tag associated with the Sail and taxi tag associated with the NV200 is not working in these cars favour.

  3. vivek james says:

    The Indian customers are becoming more n more style conscious . along with style it should be VFM also. Indians are not ready to give more money for an old looking model. Evalia might have worked for nissan if it had launched 10 years back when qualis was selling like hot cakes. Style,VFM and cat among pigeon is the way for the manufactures to crack the indian market. let it be a lesson for them to bring products of this kind in future!!!!

  4. nikhil says:

    The chvy looks are average, its roomy but interiors are disappointing not even average some points like power windows in central near gearbox most of people don’t like it. huge miss on steering mounted audio consoles. the price they should considered more than tata indica vista but less than swift, but prices are near swift the chvy should play the price card right. The car model is china bound so company should made the changes to exteriors when launch in india they miss here to.
    The nissan goes wrong with everything the looks are boxy, engine is small 1.5 liter, prices are in innova’s bracket, the tires are small compare to body. when you compare to innova the innova score more on everything & reliable Toyota service center which nissan still dont have enough.

  5. Yeshwanth says:

    coming to nissan evalia . i taught it would be launched against omni and they come up comparing it with innova and price it in the range of ertiga . There is a lot of comfusion created . basically who are their target constumers . There should get clear with what kind of coustomers they wanna target . Innova ertiga both are way good looking , feel rich and have excellent aftersales . if evalia has to have any future it should be priced with omni and i dont think its gonna happen .

  6. Yeshwanth says:

    Very good question Sravan . The car is not at alla striking in its looks many will think this car has been on the indian roads for long time with limited sales. it doesnt strike ur eyes like aan attractive new car. The reason why chevorlet couldnt have a winner is simple nobody basically trusts chevorlet as of my opinion any time i ask anyone they say these chevorlet cars are not gonna last long and stay away from them . The add campaign is not good basically very few are aware of the car and the same engine is seen in all most all the cars in the same segment if they could have brought a different and more powerful efficient engine made by their own people would have favoured it . The beign interior in this car looks cheaper they should have gone for a black (this is my personal opinion )

  7. STR_Gautam says:

    Evalia does not have a proper window opening option for rear passengers, the window sort of opens like the ones in tempo travelers. Thats a huge minus and the body style is not something one would want to own unless he/she has a taxi cab agency.

  8. Vipin says:

    The design of both these cars looks like pretty bad or may be dated.

    I think Chevy should not have entered this segment(my opinion).

    Nissan at least should have come close to Ertiga in design. I think the slide door made worse and the rear looks like a bus. The truth is it looks like a van.


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