B2B – Amaze, Nano diesel, EcoSport – Which is the biggest 2013 launch?

Posted on: Dec 31, 2012 - 5:46pm IST

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In the last B2B video of 2013, I’d like to know from you which is the biggest launch of 2013.

Is it the Honda Brio Amaze that promises to bring the volumes that the Brio and Jazz failed to bring to Honda? Is it the Tata Nano diesel with the frugal CR4 technology that could open up diesel technology in the A Segment? Or is it the Ford EcoSport, going by what the Renault Duster is able to do month after month in the compact SUV (five seater) segment?

I will see you back here on Wednesday, and I’ll be expecting your thoughts on what you think is the big launch of 2013 until then.

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013. May this year reward you with peace of mind, financial success, personal milestones and plenty of awesome memories!

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21 thoughts on “B2B – Amaze, Nano diesel, EcoSport – Which is the biggest 2013 launch?

  1. vinay says:

    Diesel vehicles will loose steam in few months.. My guess is that they will die completely in 2 years… It is quite obvious that the Govt has no choice but to accept Kelkar Committee recommendations to remove all subsidy on Diesel.. If this happens, Diesel will prices will soar and overtake Petrol prices in 2 years… This scenario leaves only one choice.. Ecosport with Ecoboost-1.0 Engine… In near future the shift will be from Diesel to CNG or Diesel to an extremely fuel efficient Petrol cars like Ecoboost…

    1. sri says:

      Im hearing such news that diesel calls will be getting reduced in coming years !! can you tell us why and how is that possible and also do share the links regards this details if you have some evident official discussion form ?
      Hi Autoblogs editor, What is your comment here ? is that because SIAM has requested the govmt to increase diesel tax on cars to balance the sales or what is this all about ??

  2. sri says:

    Nano’s specs are not yet anounced except that its a 800 cc diesel heart , and the top sales chart would be from Ecosport and Amaze pulling out Duster and Dezire sales respectively , Still all three would top in terms of sales if in case all three are priced properly and meets customer expectations from INDIA 🙂

  3. sandeep gupta says:

    My bat is on Nano diesel. First, It will have long lasting impact on the present day entry level car segment, and dieselisation of the car market will percolate to the next level. Secondly, it is a crucial launch for Tata Motors to pull back its sagging sales, if it fails to live up to expectations, we will see the beating retreat of Nano as a brand and Tata motors as auto conglomerate. If it proved to be technologically efficient then it can change the entire fulcrum of Indian engineering acumen.

  4. sandy says:

    Well, all I know that these are the most important launches for Honda, TATA and Ford for their brand revival. For us their would be tough competition between the Ecosports and Amaze as both have developed enough hype in our market. Its like two competitor walking towards the middle on a tight rope for mid air pillow fight.
    And Happy New Year 2013.

  5. Vipin says:

    I will go for Amaze because its Honda’s first diesel car for India.

    And its gonna beat every other cars in this segment if it is priced well.

  6. Yeshwanth says:

    Ford Ecosport is definetly gonna be the biggest launch of 2013 . But i am eager about nano and its performace because if tata can get it right . It can do wonders . a diseal car at such a lost cost will be favoured by the taxis and the families too . One more thing is that if nano becomes a huge success maruthi and hyundai too will cum up with a smaller diesel motor for all the smaller cars like alto and i10 and this might effect lowering of the prices of the cars like swift and verna . This is just my hope

    1. Ramesh says:

      agree,its going to be an head turner for Nano with insane mileage on card compared to Hyundai but it would be tough call for maruti as they don’t have their own D-engine

  7. gaurav says:

    I think Nano diesel will be the biggest launch of the year as its segment first but other 2 are equally important as Small SUV segment is increasing a lot & Amaze will be first Honda Diesel.So all eyes will be on all 3…

  8. faisal says:

    Actually all three are equally important in their respective segments, that it is difficult to choose.

      1. Ram says:


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