Spotted – Ford EcoSport without the spare wheel at the tail gate

Posted on: Dec 26, 2012 - 9:51am IST

Ford Ecosport without spare wheel in BrazilOur usual scouring of the internet led us to stumble upon this interesting photograph of Ford EcoSport in Brazil.

The mini SUV was spotted by a member of I love my Ford EcoSport group in Facebook in Brazil. The car looses its tail gate mounted spare wheel.

This particular EcoSport looks a bit bulky when viewed from the back, especially because there is nothing much on the tail gate to fill the void created by the absonding spare wheel. The blue oval logo is relocated from the lower left of the tail gate to center of it and the EcoSport badge is nicely spread, but that does not help to eliminate the sense of vacancy.

It is unclear whether it is a test mule of a possible variant or just an owner customized car. From this photo, it is impossible to ascertain whether the spare wheel is located at the floor.

The Ford EcoSport measures a little over 4 metre if the spare wheel is considered but as per Indian sub 4 metre norm, the spare wheel is not taken into account while measuring the length of the car and hence Ford India need not worry about removing the spare wheel from the tail gate.

We believe that the spare wheel at the rear gives the EcoSport the much needed SUV stance and also adds to the visual sense of overall proportion.

Did you like the EcoSport sans the spare wheel?


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8 thoughts on “Spotted – Ford EcoSport without the spare wheel at the tail gate

  1. Brazilian says:

    It’s a private owned car whose owner customized by shaving the hanging spare and maybe put it into the boot or under the rear section of the floor. This is a kind of customization that isn’t uncommon to see here in Brazil and was done since previous-gen Eco. The license plates of this car are from Caçador, a city in the Southern state of Santa Catarina. Factory-owned cars use plates from Camaçari, a city in the Northeastern state of Bahia in which is located the plant that produces the SUV.
    Particularly I prefer the Eco without the external spare, as I don’t like unneccessary length in cars. The owner of the photographed car made a very good job and you, Indians, noted that a relocated spare the Eco would be benefitted by the 4-metre-rule. Here in Brazil we don’t have taxation by dimensions, only by engine capacity, with the new auto regime lowering it if the brand invests in R&D, less fuel consumption and lower emissions.

    1. Nithyanandh K says:

      Hi there! Thank you very much for your valuable information. In India the 4 metre rule applies, but it doesn’t count the spare wheel as a part of length measurement. Keep visiting. Have a nice day!

    2. Thank you for the info, it clears the air now.

  2. Rahul says:

    Not bad.. they can add a ‘thin’ chrome strip to increase the visual appeal or they can just move ecosport badge a bit upwards. with bigger letters.

  3. sandy says:

    Looks incomplete. A depression on the hatch door for number-plate designed like the front grill along with slide plate at the bottom of the rear bumper, would have made it look complete.

  4. doctor says:

    people are never satisfied with what they get.
    if the spare is in the boot, they put it on tailgate.
    ecosport with tailgate mounted spare is better looking than the above one imo.

    1. abuna ventana says:

      me too.. yesz…

    2. sri says:

      Humm eco sport without spare wheel is the first time we are seeing and we are used to the actual design so initially it will look awkward 🙂 but if we start seeing it daily we ll get used to !
      This one looks bit soft and polite and should be suitable for the petrol versions and I feel the spare wheel over the tailgate adds a bit more safety to the rear seat passengers on collision 😉 correct me if I’am wrong !! but for sure this isnt a car from Ford it should be a customized version if not the tail gate handle can be moved away from the light console to the center similar to the OLD swift !


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