Ford EcoSport 1.0L EcoBoost variant returns ARAI mileage of 17 kmpl?

Posted on: Dec 31, 2012 - 12:44pm IST

The Ford EcoSport has been the talk of the town since January 2012, making it one of the most awaited cars in 2013.

Ford EcoSport edited

When and how much are the questions that keep pouring in everyday, but are dealt with absolute indifference by Ford India.

The spotting of the ‘On Test’ EcoSport in Chennai has now become an everyday affair and that has further fueled the prospective buyers’ eagerness.

The mini SUV has a commendable road presence and the proportions hide the fact that it is a sub four metre long ‘small car’. We have been bringing a series of spyhots of the car along with new information as and when they reach us. reports that according to their sources, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engined EcoSport variant which is undergoing the final phase of the ARAI testing formalities is said to have returned a mileage of around 17 kmpl which is laudable considering the fact that the EcoBoost engine has a power output of 123 bhp and is turbocharged.

Its been a busy year for the 1L Ecoboost engine as it won the ultimate accolade of the ‘Engine of the Year‘ for 2012, set 16 world records and arrived at auto show venues inside a suitcase.

While the majority of sales volume would come from the EcoSport variant strapped with the the 1.5 litre diesel engine, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine with its frugal nature and turbocharging would be the petrolheads’ choice.

Dear Ford India, don’t you think it is time to pull that rabbit out of your hat? We certainly do!


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12 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport 1.0L EcoBoost variant returns ARAI mileage of 17 kmpl?

  1. mm says:

    The mileage of 17 kmpl returned at the ARAI when translated to road-running will give around 12 kmpl- for both manual and 6 speed auto txns- in cities and 15 kmpl on long runs.

  2. shanmughanathan says:

    My observation in general is that that the city mileage is two third fraction of the ARAI mileage for any vehicle.if you check most of u will agree with my theory.hence my guesstimate of ecosports mileage is 11 kmpl in the city.

  3. sri says:

    My Hyundai I10 kappa2 Sportz is said to be 20kmpl as per ARAI certification but i get an average of 12 kmpl driving 35city+35highway with full AC when such a small car returns 12kmpl for 79 BHP I dont think this 123 BHP beast would return 17 kmpl since its ecoboost may be it would also give 10-11 kmpl on an average !! but as said above who loves to drive such a powerful horse then 10-11 should be an awesome mileage when I heard reacently that his Honda CR-V returns 3-4kmpl 😀 in city and 5-6 in Highway 😛 Ecosport mileage figures should sound sweet for him !!

  4. doctor says:

    i find 17 kmpl for ecoboost a bit on lower side for my expectation.
    for instance 1.5 tivct on 2011 ford fiesta is also 17 kmpl certified and is good for 116 bhp.

  5. Abhay says:

    17kmpl is a great figure. This together with approx 1 lakh price difference between petrol & diesel variants should make the 1L Ecoboost a VFM buy. People with low running wil definitely go for it. And who would mind 120bhp at disposal 🙂

  6. Maheswaran says:

    It looks it is to be launched by March 2013. Booking already started. Initial booking amonunt 25,000.

  7. sandy says:

    Not bad! Was expecting for this kind of figure. We could expect more from frugal version of this 1.0liter engine for smaller and lighter body. Hope they start developing and testing Ecoboost engine for Fiesta for our market sooner.

  8. Ameya says:

    A turbocharged petrol will be shunned by “petrol heads” as they love the free revving nature of petrol engines not found in TC engines per se


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