Bumper To Bumper – Revival tips for the Maruti Suzuki SX4

Posted on: Dec 21, 2012 - 2:40pm IST

In today’s Bumper To Bumper video, we’re putting a car that’s out of the spotlight, back into the spotlight! In 2012, the Maruti SX4 has literally vanished from car buying conversations.

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Do you remember the frenzy it sent Indian into when it launched with the slogan “Men are Back” ?

Following the launch of a diesel version, the SX4 showed a spike in sales, but then came the Sunnys, Rapids, Vernas and Ventos keeping SX4 away from the parking lots of the upgrading premium hatchback owners.

On top of good ground clearance, the strong reliability track record and the perks that stick on to a Maruti product, what are the supplements the SX4 needs for it to become a competent player in India’s heavily populated C Segment?

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10 thoughts on “Bumper To Bumper – Revival tips for the Maruti Suzuki SX4

  1. STR_Gautam says:

    Maruti seems to be a little clueless with the SX4. I think they thought that big chunky alloy wheels for a sedan would be an attraction for buyers, but they have clearly made a mistake. What they need is a better design, a new engine (An adversary to the 1.5 K9K diesel of the Renault-Nissan family) and a new name.

    1. Yes, a bigger diesel engine is in order, but developing one takes years. Suzuki must either take the 1.5 K9K or get the 1.6 Fiat MJD to India. Which one is doable?

      1. STR_Gautam says:

        1.6 Fiat MJD is doable i guess, coz i work for Renault and we are not giving away our 1.5 to anyone 😀 except for the Verito 🙁

  2. Karuppaswamy.R says:

    You could’ve advised them bit earlier, Shrawan,they are comming all the way with a 1.3 litre diesel once again to overtake Ventos,Rapids and Sunnies-according to a posting to day at IAB.

  3. Umesh says:

    The SX4 needs a complete makeover starting the engine. The diesel with a capacity of 1.6L with variable turbo coupled to modern styling will lead the pack to the showroon. The interiors and plastics will have to be bought on par with the competition if not better along with enhanced safety as part of the standard package.
    Sure this will be a crowd puller and MEN will be BACK

  4. sandy says:

    Bigger SX4! After comparing spec sheets, I found SX4 is the longest car next to Linea and the SX4 DDiS is the heaviest one, it is the tallest and it’s Wheel Base is the shortest in its segment. It seems like SX4 was built by Tata. My past experience on SX4 petrol are; its a comfortable highway car, great ride quality, very low NVH level and deals with bumps with ease, commendable driving position, good ingress and egress are some good points. But the letdowns were its bland interior with boring trims, leg space is bit short in its segment, poor dynamics, subsequent body roll at the corners and lots of vertical moments on undulated roads. Coming to exterior design: the front fascia is old school and looks heavy, due to long body and short wheel base it looks odd ball due to those overhangs.
    My catch, without changing or rather decrease the size a bit by cutting those extra weight due to those overhangs and slight increase in wheel base. They should focus on new Fiesta, as it carries all the good points of SX4 but with better dynamics. Interior should be based on new Dzire’s interior, but funky keeping the room for difference from Kizashi’s.

  5. Anil says:

    Aged staple looks, unpremium interiors, puny engines plus add the bumpy back seat!

  6. RIDEEP PHUKON says:

    The design is already outdated. A facelift is strongly due. The car does not feel premium from inside. MSIL needs to improve interior and exterior quality. The music system, dashboard, centre console design, headlamp etc may be changed.

  7. Maruti has given lot of discounts and offers on SX4 but still people look at other sensible options.Resale value of SX4 is not so great

  8. Design of the SX4 is not attractive.They must make it attractive both inside and outside.Also bigger engine for SX4 will be better and if they can bring a 1.6 L engine it will be super cool.


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