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If you didn’t know, Renault and Nissan are alliance partners, and their relationship goes down in automotive history as a happy and long lasting marriage.

The companies started working together in India with a common production plant, relied on a common parts sourcing team, built cars that share technologies, clubbed engineers to design new products, and their relationship blossomed to a level that they didn’t mind sharing their most important assets – their products – with one another, to participate in important segments.

In this Bumper To Bumper video, I ask if Nissan has to risk remaking the Duster. The informed Indian, who is new to badge engineering, feels that Nissan makes the originals, while Renault is the lazier of the two.

Should Nissan take the long term perspective into consideration and preserve its image of being the company that does all the hard work or is the SUV market so seductive with big numbers and far too few players that Nissan cannot afford to miss the bus?

Use the comment box below to give me your thoughts and ideas.

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  • Ram

    I wish Nissan brought the funky looking Juke to India.

  • Suhail Sood

    We, the people(Indians) will buy anything sold. Wait till Chrysler arrives in India – known for its unmatched UNRELIABILITY, we will not shy away from purchasing it.

  • Monk

    As far as I see rebadgings have never really raised a stir but for the small initial spurt of bookings. There’s room for one more model. They should do their nose job on the Xtrail and locally assemble a FWD with a K9K. That would be a reality check for the duster.

  • Ramesh

    shouldn’t be any risk-you have two options with price cut rather value for money as well by then looking at Eco-sport market share they can pitch in a better way and would be an good move! to keep horses running.

  • Nikhil

    Do you show us a new part of your house in every video!! 😛

  • Vishwajeet Morey

    I think Nissan could leave behind the duster if they correct faults such as more roomier second row of seats and much nicer A/C , plastics and some nice alloys. Overall Renault already had good engine options in Duster.

  • sandy

    Well, new engine, new metal bodywork then their should be no problem for Nissan’s version of Duster. Plus point could be there, if they manage to make it under 4 meters. Risk factor may come if Nissan’s Duster look gets boring.

  • Shravan Reddy

    Surely Yes!!! Nissan is the brand which is widely accepted and appreciated in India and if there is a remake of Duster we can expect some outstanding sales of the that new model.