Bumper to Bumper – Let’s discuss about Honda Brio Amaze

Posted on: Dec 11, 2012 - 6:08pm IST

Honda Brio Amaze with its 1.5 litre diesel engine is going to be Honda Car India’s turn around specialist.

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Honda has been taking beatings in the Indian market which shifted in favor of diesel cars all of a sudden. Honda never saw it coming and the once very successful automaker found itself starring at a peril without a diesel option.

The Brio Amaze comes as a saving grace. Apart from being the first Honda to sport a diesel engine in India, the car has so much speaking for it. The designers have done a laudable job with the car’s rear which is a far cry from Swift Dzire’s abrupt rear.

The Brio hatchback impressed us with its phenomenal interior packaging and the Amaze with a slightly extended wheelbase should offer even better space and comfort. In short, we think Honda has a winner in its hand.

So what should Honda do to make Brio Amaze a grand success?

Well, Honda should price the Amaze consciously and competitively considering the fact that they haven’t tasted any success in India in the recent times. An aggressive pricing is sure to gather everybody’s attention and experimenting with premium pricing could be done down the line after establishing the product.

What do you think Honda should do to make the Brio Amaze the best seller in it’s segment? Voice your opinions in the comment box below and stay tuned for more!

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6 thoughts on “Bumper to Bumper – Let’s discuss about Honda Brio Amaze

  1. ABIYAAN says:


    Buy some clothes man….

  2. Amala Singh says:

    Price the petrol version slightly lower than the Dzire petrol and diesel version at a slight premium than the Dzire

  3. Javed Shaikh says:

    Shrawan,i bet Honda will charge a premium for amaze over dzire, being aware india’s obsession with Honda brand their marketing team is surely capable of projecting this as a premium sub 4 meter compact sedan,i think when it comes to a sedan with less than 4 meters in length the word premium itself sounds so funny, Ok premium Hatch agreed but premium compact sedan ? how unfair is that !

  4. sandy says:

    Right Price is the key to success for Brio. And right pricing means aggressive to Dzire. They can price the petrol variant more aggressive then Dzire petrol, but diesel is the new one to prove respectable point against MJD. If its better, then it need to be priced in Dzire range.

  5. Karuppaswamy.R says:

    Hai Shrawan, I back you in every respect.They are too late to come with a diesel engine to indian market.Honda should sit with the statistics to derive a minium possible price tag to convince the Indian Customers.The success story of Figo is the example.

  6. Good Pricing is key for success of a product in India.In all other are like,design,space,features,ride and handling.Brio Amaze is excellent.If Honda can price Brio amaze well.Iam sure it will be a big hit


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