The all-new 2013 Skoda Octavia lands in India next year. It is Skoda India’s most significant launch as their Up!-based product plans are on slow burn.

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Skoda is leading the ‘E’ segment with the Superb. The Superb’s success clearly came from the introduction of a diesel engine, but it wasn’t just the diesel option that made it the king of the mountain. The availability of XXL legroom and boot space, along with a refreshing design, helped it reach the summit.

2013 skoda octavia official images rear2013 skoda octavia official images front

Skoda is using the same formula on the larger incoming Octavia. The MQB Platform underpinnings will leave it with localization advantages, as whole product families in the future will rely on a similar set of components.

What would you say is the need of the hour for Skoda India with the launch of the 2013 Octavia in sight?

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  • keshav

    Doesn’t it resemble audi’s from the 90’s?

  • Yeshwanth

    Ya i agree with u shravan . In present trend manufacturars are only localising to increase their profits and i dont think localisation is gonna bring the price down . Top end models of these cars are going in to the price range of bemers and mercs thats the main reason Dsegment is not growing . So i dont think this car is gonna change any fortunes unless they price it 5 to 10 lakhs from the upmarket rivals . But one thing is that this car is soo beautiful a definte eye catcher

    • http://indianautosblog.com Shrawan Raja

      I hope it looks much better in flesh that what the images promise!

  • STR_Gautam

    A new car is definitely required in that segment. Look at the competition. The cruze, altis, civic, fluence and even the jetta hav all been around for quite a while. And the laura clearly is a forgotten machine now. So they hav the right product. Skoda jus needs to bring it to the market within the next 5 months and price it right. An unstoppable winner is in the vicinity according to me.

  • sandy

    Right! After Sales Service will of-course will remain in higher expectation. Other then MQB platform, Skoda should have their own parts n components other then VW’s. And its not only about Skoda, but VW Group; the car should match its competitor also in terms of efficiency and durability without compromising European quality.
    But I’m not that worried about Skoda, but VW. Because of boosting Skoda from the forefront for VFM, VW is itself suffering due to backfire.

  • abhinav chaudhry

    Having such a roadmap is surely going to get them huge sales number but is that the only field that they are targeting or are they planning to do anything about after sales satisfaction to customers?
    In major cities like delhi and mumbai also they are not opening up company owned service centres and are just giving away franchisee,who just work according to their own convenience.

  • Anonymous Person

    Please do some background research before posting. You got the pronunciations of both Skoda and Volkswagen wrong. They are pronounced as “Shkoda” and “Folkswagon” respectively

    • http://indianautosblog.com Shrawan Raja

      That’s exactly right, point noted. Thank you for the input, please keep them coming.

    • Ashish

      Well I would say its allowed to pronounce “Volks Vagen” & “Skoda” instead of folksvagen & Shkoda! Yes if you live in Germany and Czech then you ought to say as per the folksvagen & Shkoda respectively ……

      PS: how many people Pronounce “Renault” in correct manner? None out side France ! Because its taken for granted to vocalise it as it seen/spelled in English :)

  • vivek james


    Your daily Bumper to bumper video is really a unique, innovative as well as creative way of communicating with the readers. Hats off Mr.Raja. I am a regular viewer of your blog. Since childhood i have been passionate about automobiles and now i have grown up to the analytical level of looking at the automobile industry. I prefer to call myself as a critic of the automobile industry. a small suggestion though, the background of your daily video looks too blunt, just a portrait here and there does not look good . since its all about automobiles it would be great to have wallpapers of different automobiles . this will add up to the theme as well as enhance the visual pleasure. continue your good work!!!!

    • http://indianautosblog.com Shrawan Raja

      Thank you, will certainly take this suggestion and see how we can add more life to the background.

  • Ashish

    Being a skoda fan and loyal customer having owned two of their product I can say following:

    1. Localizations is good to reduce cost but localisation of quality is no way acceptable! You know what I mean ? – look at old fabia and new fabia and you will see the difference !

    2. Even if they want to reduce cost and penetrate market it’s ok to have a low end variant but it also makes sense to continue with a full EU spec car ! I enjoy my fabia elegance (it has features which you can not even find in uper D segment cars ! ) so this is certainly a crowd puller and eventually customer !

    3. Style matters a lot but same is true with safety for which people like me go for German cars! I don’t think they can creat market share with lower safety spec cars! They ather need to convey the meaning of spending extra to the end user ! Educate people as it is important ! And not only having the gadgets onboard :)