Maruti Alto 800 priced starting from 2.44 lakhs

Posted on: Oct 16, 2012 - 12:57pm IST

Maruti Suzuki has just announced the prices of the Maruti Alto 800 in New Delhi and here they are, variant wise –

Maruti Alto 800 with Mr Shinzo NakanishiMaruti Alto 800 with Mr Nakanishi and Mr Pareek

Maruti Alto 800 prices (ex-showroom New Delhi)

  • Standard – Rs. 2.44 lakhs
  • LX – Rs. 2,76,500 rupees
  • LXi – Rs. 2.99 lakhs

Maruti Alto 800 prices (ex-showroom Delhi)Maruti Alto 800 launch

Maruti Alto 800 Green (CNG variant)

  • Standard – Rs. 3.19 lakhs
  • LX – Rs. 3.37 lakhs
  • LXi- Rs. 3.56 lakhs

The current Maruti Alto 800 and Alto K10 will remain on the portfolio and will sell alongside this newly launched variant.

Maruti Alto 800 Frost Blue

Read about the Maruti Alto 800’s technical specifications and design features

Maruti Alto 800 Brochure

[can’t see the brochure above? Head over to Issuu]

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17 thoughts on “Maruti Alto 800 priced starting from 2.44 lakhs

  1. Sridhar says:

    In this hugely populated country with incomes that can’t let one go for top-notch quality vehicle, cars such as this offers an excellent value for money. This is a volumes car; a car that will be purchased by scores of middle-class masses that aspire to own a small and practical family car. For them, the design would not be the deciding factor, neither would be the quality of interior plastics. Maruti has made the car with specific customer base in mind and it will serve their purpose irrespective of what all those who own and drive expensive cars speak about it. I am hopeful that MS will have a winner at hands.

    1. Prabhu says:

      Hi Sridhar, I think we and Maruti shouldn’t underestimate the Indian middle class. They deserve much better products at this price point and it’s pretty much possible as Hyundai has shown you already with Eon. Maruti’s fast eroding market share is due to the sole fact that they’re not moving with the times and creating new products in different segments.

      Eon is too good a vehicle for its price point and looks premium and upmarket unlike the matchbox like Alto.

      The Nano 2012 is a superb choice for its price point. Remember I’m paying 1 lakh more for Alto, but with Nano 2012, I’m getting a spacious car with good ride, handling and unbelievable mileage.

      1. I will not agree with the handling part, but mileage and space is plenty. But the Alto 800 has power steering, a proper boot, better brakes and a bigger engine.

      2. sri says:

        agree that maruthi has given a simple and boxy design without any aesthetics like in Hyundai Eon but we should understand that this is a very practical car where people who just expects a car which should give them a better head&legroom , mileage, less maintenance cost, easy ingress, trust me people who are 60+ who were driving ambasador / Fiat in there young age would prefer this kind of maruthi product and also 35-40+ age ladies would prefer a car like this may be there are ladies who opt out a scorpio or a city but the percentage what i’am speaking is about the practicality which people expect would be met only by cars of this range see my other posts with frustration over the design but when it comes to the actual markets expectation and cost of ownership Maruthi wins in some blogs i have read that spare for alto/M800,omni are easily available in local market i.e in any spare parts shop where as what is the case with Hyundai ?? just to highlight I own a Maruthi 800 and a Hyundai i10 so I know better personal experience 🙂 cheers reading !!

      3. Bhargava Chandra says:

        Tata Nano and Alto cannot be compared. That’s UNFAIR!!

        Usually the cars that are at same price and class are compared, but anyhow it is flattering to see people comparing Alto with Nano, and it’s because Nano is the benchmark for small cars that offer absolute VALUE!!

  2. sai says:

    I cannot believe Maruti would create so much hype through press and advertisements and then give us a car so dated and incremental as compared to the current alto 800. I read the newspaper interview of the Maruti chief and thought this was going to be ground breaking. But alas, what a let-down…it is a completely cost focused only slightly changed design from the old 800 and belongs to the 90s not 2010s.

    1. Bhargava Chandra says:

      I agree with you completely, Mr. Sai!!

  3. Prabhu says:

    The Alto 800 takes us back to the bullock cart days 🙂 It’s very clear that Maruti is taking the Indians for a ride, they know for a fact that whatever crap they offer us, we’ll buy it. There’s only one quality vehicle from them, that’s Swift. All others are crap, plastics are cheap and flimpsy, design is of pre independence era. It was fashionable for the media and public alike to crib about Tata’s interiors, I would suggest them to take a look at Vista/ Manza and pitch it against Ritz or any other vehicle and you would be shocked to see the rapid progress made by Tata’s and the steep decline in Maruti’s make quality. India is an ignorant automobile market and Maruti is just making the best use of customers ignorance.

    1. Bhargava Chandra says:

      Wow!! You are kind-of my Soul-mate!! I feel the same way as you do!! Especially when you said: “India is an ignorant automobile market and Maruti is just making the best use of customers ignorance”.

  4. PK says:

    I would rather blame the customers for 6500+ bookings on this car…

    I would say Alto 800 is a fabricated 4 wheel auto rickshaw..Looks are outdated.

    Mileage & Maruti brand is still saving this model…

    New Spark,Santro, Eon were better options compared to Alto…

    Previous version was better…! Overall disappointed with the design. Most of design elements were copied from other vehicles…What a shame on No.1 car manufacturer in India??

    1. BMS says:

      Mr. PK, I don’t think it ‘s as bad as a car as you have mentioned, at least not for this price ! For your information all Japanese/Koreans cars take cue or (in mild language) inspiration from German cars, who are the leaders in design and quality products. That said, what you have to say about our own Tata/ Mahindra designed cars? Go and read review about their products on foreign magazines/blogs/portals and you will come to know the bitter truth. In my opinion it’s not bad!

      1. PK says:

        Tata & Mahindra were improving a lot compared to Maruti suzuki…

        For me, Alto 800 is below average…

        Alto is the no.1 car in terms of sales…I was expecting that new alto would further boost the sales…

        look at Hyundai Eon…design is better for such a small car… looks like Maruti is not capable of creating good designs…Last good design was 2005 Swift

  5. Rahul says:

    I agree with sri, very boxy design, on the name of chrome grill- dhundhate rah jaoge, very cheap looking interior plastic, total dull colour theme, very old fashioned fabric design,(kahin ka bacha hua mal lagta hai), all switches are so poor quality they do not excite you. good option for first time buyer who are shifting from two wheeler to car. god bless them.

  6. Dmitry says:

    This car looks 1.5 decades old from inside and outside 😀

    1. sri says:

      he he !! 😀 what an engineering design.

      1. sri says:

        central AC vents are copied from xylo,passenger and driver side AC vents are heavily copied from Figo/Fiesta steering carried over from other maruthi models added some colouring agents with the plastics same old ORVM design tweeked up FD8 engine Front facia bonnet and Headlamps is of Figo rear of OLD i10 tail lamps he he great engineering work as expected its a Mixure snacks for this Diwali and all first time car buyers with low budget constrain would have made 6500 bookings but comparing with Nano this is better i would say 🙂 but yes instead buying a second hand car and to learn driving this one is far more better to learn and thow this off after 5 years 🙂

    2. Bhargava Chandra says:



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