Maruti Suzuki has released the first official images of the Maruti Alto 800, prior to its market introduction next Tuesday.

Maruti Alto 800 front fasciaMaruti Alto 800 rear three quarterMaruti Alto 800 side profile

After its launch in India, the Maruti Alto 800 will be exported to Latin America and other developing markets over time.

The fate of the current 800cc Alto after the Alto 800’s launch is still a big unknown, but there is certainly no plans to discontinue the Alto K10 variant, which is powered by the 1-liter K Series engine.

The Alto 800 is powered by the 796 cc F8D engine which produces 7 Nm more torque, leading to an improved output of 69 Nm. The power output has been improved, which now stands at 47.5 bhp@6000 rpm, up from the earlier 44 bhp.

The Alto 800 is built on the old Alto platform, with an additional 23 mm of leg room and 15mm of head room for the rear passengers. Overall length has been reduced by 100 mm, with 55 mm takes away from the front and 45 mm shaved from the rear.

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The mileage of the Alto 800 has increased 15% to 22.7 kmpl. The Alto CNG (Natural Gas) variant returns 30.46 km per kg on CNG.

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  • W110

    Looks like they wanted the car to look like every car in the world :)
    Looks yuck at least for now. might grow on once we start seeing hell lot of these box anyways on our road…
    Maruti doesn’t give an outside left side rear view mirror? (at least in base versions) ha, now what will these experts say? as we know how much it was hyped when a TATA Nano did not have one for that price!
    Shame on Maruti to release those images first.

  • vishal

    I feel saddened when market leaders don’t take the initiative to change. The absence of a left rear view mirror is a testament to the manufacturers disregard for safety. I am willing to understand cost implication of ABS, Airbags, and even disc brakes but intentionally creating a huge blind spot for drivers is unacceptable. Yes a lot of India comes home in a Maruti Suzuki…lets pray they do so in one piece.

  • Dmitry

    Hyundai Eon looks more expensive than it actually is. This 800 thing looks much cheaper than its price both outside and inside.

  • Manish

    Previous gen Alto F8 has been discontinued, confirmed a dealer.

  • Shreyas

    wr’s vxi
    wat only lxi is it???

  • Sandeep

    why no standard left rear view mirror?? we are living in 2012 nearly 2013 and not in the 90’s or 00’s at nowdays the traffic in India is much more than 10-15 years ago so every cars definitely need standard two rear view mirrors and also because the Indian driving isn’t very great.

  • potha botha

    Who cares about the looks at cheaper end of cars, its a functional car and a very functional one at that, replacing two products in one go alto 800 and maruti 800. Bettering fuel economy, better interiors and guess what a perfect city daily runabout there is nothing eon about it.

    We Indians look for hard bargains and we get nano in return.

    • Prashant


    • Suhail Sood

      True that!

      It’s all about economy at the end of the day.

    • soubhik

      Absolutely Agree

  • sri

    Alto 800 wins ICCOTY 2012 i.e. Indian copy car of the year award, horrible !! guess all freshers/newly joined passed out from engineering college guys would have been given this designing work shows kiddish copy work please don’t import this to Latin america and spoil your name Suzuki, then ppl will really get confused if Swift is a product from Suzuki :-/

    • Abhiram

      Yes.. Swift is acopy of mini cooper… :)

    • ggmu

      i thnk unless and until u drive one you should nt comment. ur nt paid fr that.. n e wyz.. hold on ur horses till 16th.. cuz this car rocks.. trust me.. ive driven one..