Tata Xenon Pickup – New images and technical specification

Posted on: Jul 13, 2012 - 11:11pm IST

We’re received more spyshots of the Tata Xenon Pickup, the utilitarian pickup truck built on the Xenon platform to stop the Mahindra Genio in its tracks. In the first update, we presented you with the images and expected pricing.

Tata Xenon Pickup front viewTata Xenon Pickup grille

In this follow-up post we have technical specification to add to that.

Tata Xenon Pickup dashboard

The Xenon Pickup (a flatbed pickup with drop sides) will be powered by the Sumo Gold’s 2,956cc CRDI engine that produces 70hp @ 3,000 RPM and 223Nm @ 1,600-2,200 RPM. Its interior is built using the inventory of the Sumo Grande and the Xenon.

The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and car is shod with 215/75 R16 tubeless tyres.

See more images of the Tata Xenon Pickup

The vehicle sports semi-elliptical leaf springs with anti- roll bars on both axles. It has a top speed of 120kph and Tata Motors offers a warranty of 3 years/3 lakh km (whichever is earlier).

The Xenon Pickup will be positioned at a slight premium over the Tata 207 for customers who have small businesses but are looking for a vehicle that reflects the position or success of their operations.

Tata is said to be working on not less than 50 launches for its CV operations and the Xenon Pickup could set off the fireworks. We’re waiting to hear from Tata on the vehicle’s variants and price.

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3 thoughts on “Tata Xenon Pickup – New images and technical specification

  1. Bhargava Chandra says:

    Great Pickup vehicle from Tata Motors! This is the best Pickup currently available in the Indian market.

    I know that Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle Division is extremely busy these days in designing and testing it’s upcoming product launches which will have to compete with Bharath-Benz Trucks scheduled to launch shortly.

    I’m intrigued by the complete silence from Tata Motors Passenger Car Division these days! I hope they are also in the incubation period of product development and testing.

    1. S Pani says:

      Well, I too hope the passenger car division too is busy with product development and testing.

      But what worries me is an almost complete lack of launch/facelift activity.

      At least the commercial vehicle side is having regular launches, like this Xenon RX and the Starbus Ultra series buses.

      We are really not hearing anything about the stuff that the Passenger car division showed us in the Auto Expo at the start of the year. The more powerful variant of the Aria engine, the 6 speed gearbox, the automatic gearbox and the Storme, which seems to have been under testing for an eternity now.

      Right now, the Passenger car division of TML is a serious drag on the rest of the company. All international subsidiaries, and the commercial vehicle side are doing pretty robust business and seem to be ready to take on future challenges as well. The Passenger car division seems completely clueless, doing nothing but scratching its head.

  2. Ameya says:

    What spyshots!
    The vehicle is launched!!


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