Reva NXR caught on test; Tax exemption for EVs introduced in Maharashtra

Posted on: May 14, 2012 - 9:37am IST

Financial Express, in a report published last week, explained the Maharashtra government’s move to exempt electric vehicles from paying motor vehicle tax.

REVA NXR test mule caught near BangaloreREVA NXR test mule side profile

To encourage its residents to buy electric vehicle that will certainly make a difference to the air quality in metros and crowded towns as well as make cities less noisy, electric vehicles are exempted from paying taxes. Electric vehicles also reduce the dependency on foreign oil and are a more efficient way of commutation.

Meanwhile Mahindra-REVA continue testing the NXR (or next generation Reva) around Bangalore. The test mule shown here was spotted by our good friend Gokulraj of, while he was returning to Chennai a few days ago.

The NXR was showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo however M&M refused to give any further details about the power train.

The Reva NXR is expected to be offered in two different battery packs. The first one will be a conventional lead acid battery pack and the second one will be an advanced lithium ion battery pack (the same batteries that are used in your laptop). The lead acid battery will have an 80 km range and the lithium ion pack will be good for 160 km. Adding to that, the Reva will be offered in 3 different sizes of battery pack – small, medium and large.

At the Expo, Mahindra clearly mentioned that the prices and features will be announced during the time of launch which is expected to be before Diwali. We expect the Reva NXR (lead acid one) to be priced around 6 lakhs and the lithium ion one to be around 9 lakhs.

Distribution will also be a key for Mahindra-Maini as Reva does not have more than two dealerships in India. Mahindra can choose to sell the Reva NXR from its own dealerships, which it is doing now, or set up separate shops for the Reva. While the former feels cost effective, it definitely dilutes the Reva brand, in turn making it difficult to justify the high price tag.

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11 thoughts on “Reva NXR caught on test; Tax exemption for EVs introduced in Maharashtra

  1. shu says:

    hi the price is too high,for middle class its very difficult.

    1. Biswadip says:

      Total cost of ownership is actually lower than a petrol car.

      One km of Reva-i will cost you approx Rs. 1.4 (Rs. 0.4 of electricity and Rs. 1.0 for battery change). M-800 or Alto will cost Rs. 4.5 (Rs 70 / lit and 15 km / lit).

      If you run your car 100 km per month, you will save ~40000 Rs. a year. Run Reva for 5 years, and save 2L

      Reva i costs 3.5L and Alto bit lower.

  2. Y Talwar says:

    Electric cars will be good and cheap mode of city personal transport. Initially Govt may have to provide concessions in terms of taxes or registration fee but it will be worth as it will reduce import burden of costly crude oil. India must encourage electric vehicles and electricity generation from wind, solar and nuclear sources.

  3. Timmy George says:

    can anyone explain the honeycomb grille and how it helps the car????thanks…….

  4. ishaan says:

    Whats this ridiculous thing about electric cars being environmentally friendly. Where do you think the electricity to power these cars come from.

    1. Jay says:

      Dude get your facts corrects. 25-30% electricity produced in India is produced from renewable resources like Hydro, wind etc Remaining is produced from Coal. So the vehicles which are charged by using electricity produced from renewable resources will be always clean. Also the vehicle which uses electricity generated from coal is much more cleaner tha conventional vehicles because the worst efficient coal plant has 40% efficiency..and best Internal combustion Engine has approx 20% efficiency. (This does not electricity required to refine crude oil) So in worst case electric car is always going to be double cleaner than conventional vehicles. Please check facts before commenting. You can get details on wikipedia.

    2. DJ says:

      Come on dont be kidding….According to your defination the Laptop or computer you are using, TV you watch, mobile, IPad, Ipod you uses are the dirty equipments because they requires electricity. So why dont you stop using those ridiculas equipments…?

    3. Biswadip says:

      Get some facts…. Petrol car with a mileage of 15 km / lit emits 182 gm carbon per km. Generation of the electicity required to run Reva-i for a km is 107 gm, assuming 100% electricity generated through brown coal. Homework for Ishaan to validate these numbers and learn mix of eletricity sources in India and type of coals etc.

  5. Sridhar says:

    Exempting road tax is great move from the Mah’ govt, hope other govts will take note of it. However, the same is not expected from Karnataka govt, which traditionally levies exorbitant road taxes.
    Conventional lead acid batteries mean more frequent charging. The price tag of 6-9 lacs is not justified for a car that is more diminutive than Nano. The latter has passed serious crash tests, has the former too? In a largely self-regulated traffic condition prevailing in India, how safe is Reva?

    1. Jay says:

      Sir..the Lithium Ion battery only costs approx 3.5 – 4 Lacs…anyway their main targeted market is Europe where Reva is much more successful..


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