Mahindra’s plans to launch the NXR in India on track; Debut later this year

Posted on: May 28, 2012 - 11:25am IST

Whether or not the government introduces further subsidies for electric cars, Mahindra is determined to bring out the REVA NXR in India in 2012.

Mr Anand Mahindra confirms Mahindra-REVA NXR launch in India on TwitterA screen capture of Mr Mahindra’s tweet to doubts raised by his followers on the proposed electric car

Mahindra showcased the model at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo and our readers have been regularly spotting mules between Chennai and Bangalore.

The plans could be fast-forwarded as fuel prices have reached an all-time high in India and diesel prices are also rumored to be moving up by Rs. 5 in the near future. The car buying population is vexed with these price hikes and have started to think about alternative fuels, that could be a long term solution to this problem.

REVA NXR test mule side profileHowever with frequent power outages and not enough oomph in the supply available at a household plug to quick-charge these cars, the NXR does have its share of niggles. Let’s also not count out the ability of batteries, the technology has not advanced enough to provide the kind of range one expects on a tank-full of gasoline or diesel.

Electric cars are no doubt a far-sighted solution, but quick drop technology, fast-charge installation points and government subsidies are literally absent in India for the NXR to replace an Alto or Swift, India’s two best selling cars.

We’ll be watching how Mahindra sells the NXR to India who are yet to see a spacious hatchback that runs on electricity.

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3 thoughts on “Mahindra’s plans to launch the NXR in India on track; Debut later this year

  1. sandy says:

    I have few questions:
    How much this car would be costing on our roads? How much is the subsidies does the Government provides right now? What could be the maximum subsidies and at what price range it can put the car after maximum subsidies?
    Because I believe that price is the main factor that is opposing many house holds from thinking about this car.

    1. Biswadip says:

      No official announcement yet on the price. But I have gotten some news that models will be sold between 5L-9L. Please note there is a huge price difference between the lead acid batter bank, which gives a distance of approx 70 km per change and Ni-Cad battery bank, which gives approx 150km+ range for each charge. Hence the price range is wide.

      Government gives a 1L subsidy on current Reva-I model. Price of 5-9 L is after considering the subsidy, i.e. without subsidy, it would be 6-10.

      1. Biswadip says:

        Correction, I meant Li-ion batter bank, not Ni-Cad

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