Old is Gold is a widely accepted adage but the best examples don’t often come from the automotive industry where old is considered boring and uncompetitive.

With the help of a chrome grille and body graphics, the Sumo Gold is working her fingers to the bone to look new, sprightly and filled with fun and adventure. The optimism of the brand communication department is unmistakably visible on the execution of this new advert that has a whiff of the old Safari DICOR’s Reclaim Your Life TV spot.

We like it, do you?

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  • Tejas

    Tata should stop this nonsense of changing the lights and interiors and adding cheap stickers on the side every few years and still selling a car that is almost two decades old. Same goes for the Safari. Instead of resorting to such lazy antics, they should work on the next generation Sumo and Safari. Their sales figures will surely increase then. And while they’re at it, bring back a modern rendition of the Sierra! That was the most stylish car Tata have ever made.