Will you overlook a Nissan, Honda or a Toyota to buy a HM sedan?

Posted on: Aug 16, 2011 - 5:22pm IST

For decades the Indian Government was the sole source of assurance for sales of Ambys was the government. All senior and junior politicians were ferried around in the white Ambassador cars.

The good old Ambys are now being replaced by SX4, Accent and Superb. They are modern, offer better comfort and come with more prestige. They are sophisticated and make a statement. HM is being deserted, but it plans to make a comeback with two new products.

HM Amby CS

IndianAutosBlog.com has just learned that HM is planning to introduce the sub-4 meter variant in the next 6 months.

The comfortable and spacious interiors, retro looks paired with a common-rail diesel engine will bring the Amby on par with some of its advanced classmates. A Pune based design studio is tasked with inserting a sense of style into the Ambassador’s primitive layouts.

The second product is a refreshed Ambassador expected with modern features like ABS, EBD, reworked readouts, new steering wheel and leather seats. This is the 21st century Amby trying to do a Mini or 500.

Both these new vehicles are expected to sport a 1.8 liter petrol as well as a 1.5 liter diesel engine in BS4 spec.

In today’s world of Volkswagen’s, Nissan’s and Hyundai’s, will Indian consumer will go back and trust HM?

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2 thoughts on “Will you overlook a Nissan, Honda or a Toyota to buy a HM sedan?

  1. MaN says:

    A car driven by rigid axel?….no way. I am unable to understand, why is HM so rigid to change and come with a new platform. You still want to sell the a “cart” where people thinking and dreaming of “aeroplane”?. Come on HM a Car maker should be able to foresee people’s taste and stand up to their expectations. But….you never did that….and you are reaping the benefits. Now, still want to make the same mistake? I won’t like people making same mistakes and want others to pay for it..!! Good bye…you are loosing all grounds of existance.

    1. why are you writing them off? I think they have a fair chance with the next gen Amby if they can make something along the lines of the 500 or Mini. But then its wishful thinking, you need millions of dollars of money to develop new components and research current trends and market it the way Fiat did in Italy during its launch.


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