Speculation – VW Tiguan FL coming to India this year?

Posted on: Feb 7, 2011 - 10:47am IST

After the brisk response of BMW X1 and Skoda Yeti, the Indian market has opened the gates for the CUV segment (compact crossovers). CUV’s are stylish and compact to be your daily drive. They have powerful engines suitable for the highways and come with the ability to tackle gravel and mud if your idea of a holiday is atop mountains. They offer the luxury and utility of a SUV and the comfort, driving pleasure of a sedan with the easiness of driving a hatchback.

Volkswagen Tiguan for India front

One such CUV in the VW portfolio is the Tiguan. Tiguan is based on the VW Golf and looks like a scaled down Touareg. Drivers appreciate it for retaining some of the fun from the VW Golf, while staying masculine like the Touareg. It would be the perfect lifestyle product and finds a cozy place between the Skoda Yeti and BMW X1 if brought to India.

Volkswagen Tiguan for India rear

VW has for sometime now hinted at bringing the Tiguan to Indian shores. Displayed at 2008’s Auto Expo in Delhi, it since then hasn’t been making a lot of noise. VW India told Indian Autos Blog in August 2010 that the Tiguan is “not an issue for them at the moment”.

Now that the updated Tiguan SUV is rumored to make its world premiere at the Geneva motor show next month, the rumors are back in top gear.

Volkswagen Tiguan for India interior

After the facelifted model is launched in Europe, the improved Tiguan could make its debut in India during the festive season. VW bring it on, we are eagerly awaiting this CUV.

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7 thoughts on “Speculation – VW Tiguan FL coming to India this year?

  1. Parth says:

    Waiting for this particular vehicle for a quite a while now. Will it be a mid size crossover like the Yeti? Or a proper SUV competing with the Endeavour and Fortuner?

  2. Ryan says:

    VW should bring in Tiguan before the AUDI brings its Q3, otherwise it will hav the same fate as touareg

  3. Saurabh jangid says:

    When will it be launched in india i am searching car speciely like this slz sumone tell me about its prise and when it is launching in india plzzzz….!!

    You can inform me on my email id which is…

  4. Prady says:

    How about……..just imagine VW playing a price card as done with Polo. Let them bring it as an lifestyle softroader….shedding all those expensive and not so usefull 4WD, Putting in an 1.6 CR/105PS low end torque diesel from Vento…an auto…..at the killer price of Corolla or Civic, justifying by higher volumes. Does that sounds like music to ears..?????

    1. Anand says:

      Do you think VW do it? I doubt ..!!!

  5. Anand says:

    Wow… This is great news Shrawan.. When I see this car on Shanghai roads I was wondering why we didn’t get this car in India. Now you brought the news of this car launch. Really wonderful news..!!


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