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Posted on: Jan 5, 2011 - 11:03am IST

Proton Savvy India

This is a challenge for Proton and we hope it can partner a company which is willing to invest and provide maintenance services. This is an important factor as it will have a significant impact in the Indian market.

Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Mukhriz Dr Mahathir hints Proton will utilize an existing service network in India. Is Nissan going to be sharing shop floor space with Proton?

Image – Proton Savvy

Source – mydigitalfc.com

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  1. Aftab Ahmad says:

    Indian people , If you want to save yourself never buy a PROTON Car.Proton Savvy was launched in Malaysia five years ago. Monthly sale is 300 cars per month. (www.autotrader.com.my). In three years time , gear box will go which costs Rs.1,00,000 in Malaysia. This car’s engine and gearbox etc is of Renault . All spare parts have to come from France so it is very expansive.
    All proton car body will start rusting after 7 yrs specially on doors.Power window will have to change every 6 month as it is a trade mark problem of Proton.Car starts making mysterious sounds which can not be stopped.These problems are common with all models of Proton namely SAGA, SAVVY, PERSONA,IXORA. and also in old models WIRA,ISWARA AND WAJA and PERDANA.Previously , PROTON was assembling MITSUBISHI old models as PROTON. Thus the engine at least was from Mitsubishi. Now they are using new engine developed by Proton called CAMPRO which is in 1.3L and 1.6 L capacity. Very high fuel consumption and low reliability of engine built up. In Malaysia , Proton and another company called PRODUA are guarded against competition. foreign cars have to pay high excise and import duty thus foreign cars are twice expensive than PROTON. So, only very rich can buy a foreign car. Proton is selling car in Malaysia because other cars are artificially expansive. Other wise this company will close shop in No time. I am an Indian living in Malaysia from 15 yrs and suffering from bad cars of proton.

    Indian people better don’t do mistake of buying PROTON.


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