Mahindra mini SUV S101 S103

The mini SUV segment in India is untouched & an untapped territory but a one having huge potential. A car that has compact dimensions (less than 4 meters), seats 5, has decent amount of luggage space & is easy to drive around town with an efficient engine and good price tag – Doesn’t that sound tempting?

Premier opened this segment with their offering- the Premier Rio. This outdated little SUV has nothing very exciting about it as it is a old Chinese car (sourced from China’s Zotye Auto) rebadged as a Premier. With no proper service backup, lack of a thick dealer network, and absence of any advertising in cities raises doubts on its future.

But Mahindra is all set to bring in a fresh new product in this segment within the next few years. This compact SUV (could be codenamed S103) will be less than 4 meters in length & will come with a 1.5-litre diesel engine. Autocar India reports that this car would have a monocoque construction to give it good driving dynamics & will share parts with the upcoming Mahindra “world” SUV (W201) that also has a monocoque construction.

Autocar also reports that M&M is working on a 3 cylinder version of the M-Hawk engine with a reduced bore & stroke to displace around 1490CC. However M&M has no petrol technology so chances of that engine are thin. Insiders also indicate that M&M are targeting a base price of as low as 4 lakh rupees.

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Mahindra mini SUV

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  • aleem

    how can i book this car when u planing to launch

  • Arun gupta

    I hope this car may cum up to hopes of lots of Indian middle class families to afford SUV at this affordable price

  • T V Bhavadas

    With Mahindra’s legacy in MUVs/SUVs with strong dealer net work coupled with absence of competition in the segment,the vehicle is bound to succeed.

  • M.Ganesh

    The head lamp styling is very good,
    Tyre size is good,
    Front grill styling looking bad,
    Try to reduce height of front (or) split the front grills like suzuki a-star model.

  • Srimoorthy S

    /////Veer May 7, 2010 at
    Why is Mahindra stiking to that odd looking front grill? They are known for odd shaped, ugly looking, rouge feeling, sturdy veicles.////

    Mr. Veer.,
    Just check the Bentley car. it is onle of the costliest brand. But any cars you look in that, the front grill will look like wire mesh. Mahindra is better than that.

  • akshat


  • Veer

    Why is Mahindra stiking to that odd looking front grill? They are known for odd shaped, ugly looking, rouge feeling, sturdy veicles.

  • http://carazoo.com Carazoo

    But if that is how the car is going to look, it is bad. Just look at it, would not people rather go for a dainty looking hatch than a bad looking Mini SUV