Rendering – 2014 Mercedes Benz C-Class

Posted on: Apr 5, 2010 - 7:04pm IST

2014 C-Class2014 Mercedes C Class

Call it looking a little too far, but what Motor Authority has presented here is a drawing of how the Mercedes Benz C-Class will look in 2014.

Showing clear styling influences from the F800 Style concept car that Mercedes introduced as a container with bits and pieces of future C- Class styling, the new C-Class has all the ingredients to set it apart from the competition when it arrives at the arena in 2014.

We’re more than four years away from the release, and it is premature to decide what goes under the hood of this futuristic Merc. We safely expect a diesel hybrid, plug-in hybrids and a highly efficient (possibly 3-cylinder) diesel engine on this car. The AMG variant will also be available, but that isn’t going to sell in India anyway.

What is going to be special about this Mercedes? Well, we hope they’ll not discount the fun, and at the same time maintain the level of comfort and luxury that the C-Class’ rear seat offers. With the addition of a smaller diesel, the C-Class is going to be more fuel efficient, and thanks to advancement in material sciences, we can expect the C-Class to weigh much lesser.

Source – Motor Authority

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  1. larry cohn says:

    When is it expected the above c class will be available. I gather that the 2014 c class will be changed from the 2013. When will it be available? Thanks, Larry


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